Are You Getting Ready to “get ready”?

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Getting Ready to Get Ready is Something You
Must Stay Far Away From!

Especially if FREEDOM is your ultimate goal in your online business venture.

Watch the video I did for you below while taking a drive into town



Success comes to those who make things happen. Success doesn't come to those
who wait for things to happen. If you're waiting for all your "ducks to line up" before
taking action to finally make money on the Internet, you're going to be waiting till
"the cows come home"!  (sure you know the end result of that).


Stop waiting around for conditions "to be perfect" before you do something.


Stop getting ready to get ready!


Just do it now! The perfect time will never come because the perfect time is now.


Right now is the perfect time to live and make money from anywhere you wish.
And the best way to make that happen is with The Ultimate Business & Our Coaching


It's making a lot of people money. I know it will work for you.







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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Hey Lourens,

    This is probably your BEST motivational video yet! I agree with all you said – it just “pumped me up”.

    As you know, my “motto” is “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”, because it is in the going that you learn, and what you learn in this way (even if you make the mistakes multiple times) is eventually burned into your brain – better than being taught everything. Just give me guidance and then let me loose at it. Even those who want to get their “ducks in a row” still have to take their first step.

    The other “motto” I like to follow is to take your business forward every day. When you tell
    downline this, they usually complain that they don’t have the time (just an excuse I know), so I ask them:

    Q. Can you take it forward 20% a day?
    A. No.

    Q. Can you take it forward 10% a day?
    A. No.

    Q. Can you take it forward 5% a day?

    Q. Can you take it forward just 1% a day?

    A. Just 1% – well maybe – OK I can do 1%.

    Well 1% a day gives you 30% a month, and in 3 months – that would grow your business out of sight! Of course, that is a consistent 1% a day – every day.

    I guess it all boils down to perceptions and beliefs, and if our beliefs are not getting us where we
    want to be, it’s only us who can change it.

    Thanks for this video, I really enjoyed it. LOL, I hope you didn’t have the camera over the air con


    • digitmediax

      Thanks for all that Fernando…. 😉

  • Niña Angeli

    FANTASTIC video, Lourens! I so appreciate you just being yourself and speaking simply and straightforwardly from your own experience, wisdom, care, intelligence and integrity…you inspire me to do the same! And inspire me take some freakin’ ACTION!

    • digitmediax

      lol… thanks for your comment Nina… loved you throwing in some of my “slang” in there 😀

  • James

    Lourens, well said and so True….you keep the juices flowing and the mind working in the most inspiring way…The bike example is so great like when you approach someone with the business…I get people all the time saying yeah, when I get more money, or when I take care of some bills, or when I get more time etc…etc… I can use that example now….for those reasons for not taken action…You are one of the most real down to earth successful person I know…I’m glad god put you in my pathway for this connection my friend…Tell Heila I said What’s up LOL..

    • digitmediax

      Hey there James… thanks for your comment my friend… and glad you found value in the video. Thanks for watching 😉

  • Steyn T. Müller

    This was something I needed to hear at this very moment. I used to be the “Need to know it all” type of person before. Only at times. Guess the things I didn’t really wanted to do. Now, I learn as as go. And MAN do I have a lot to learn… Some Failures to come before I can go forward.

    • digitmediax

      glad to have provided some value to you Steyn… you just keep going… failures are part of ALL things in life… they lead to success 🙂

  • Gerald Allen

    Excellent video Lourens. You truly hit home with this one. So many of us want to wait until we know it all and then we want to know more and more and more before we take action regarding our business or marketing. Taking action is the only way to get results NO MATTER WHAT ONE IS DOING! I hear your words and it makes me take a quick step back and evaluate my behavior as a Entrepreneur. This are words of wisdom and we will take note of them. This business is life changing and all others have to do is follow the path of success and JUST TAKE ACTION! Great video Lourens.

  • Duane Rush

    Great video. I too I’m a person at times who need to know before I do something type of person. I really needed to hear that Louren. I see its learn as you go just like being a semi truck driver. Thanks Louren.

  • Marilee Kennedy

    Thanks once again, Lourens. You know I am one of those people – the “ducks in a row” type. Time to get moving!!!!!!

  • Kate Kliewer

    Shoot Lourens, but I have been working so hard at learning everything first!! It looks like you are right though, it’s never going to happen…;)) Ok, look out mistakes, here I come!! Thanks for the kick in the butt….;))

    • digitmediax

      Hi Kate… failing is GOOD.. it means you are making progress… if we do not fail then we are “standing still!” 🙂

  • I am/was guilty to “wanting to understand everything BEFORE I got started”. I am doing alot better nowadays but I still need & appreciate to hear you Lourens point it out to me every once in a while. 😉

    Thank You for telling it like it is.
    Love it!


  • Thanks Lourens for your time today on the call and I will implement the new teaching you have shared with me today which are 🙂

    Implement the following when communicating to your list.

    1. Be honest, ethical, show your own unique story.

    2. Show your human side what you do on the weekends or with your family and do not sell
    anything just sell you.

    3. Provide some training that you learnt you can do a video EG: How to create a lead page,
    how to buy a domain name and forward the URL to your lead page. Add value help
    people solve some a problem. This will build trust with your list and people
    will get to like you and will want to do business with you.

    Implement these 3 steps into your business now and you will
    see more conversions.

    Do not wait do it now 🙂