Around The World We Have Much in Common (this should get you “thinking”)

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This Video Is Something That Can Really Get You Thinking About All The Things in Life.

Including Your Goal of Financial Freedom And Reaching That Through Online Marketing.

Let's make the decision...  and let's stand together...  😉



I LOVED THAT SONG...  the video speaks to you if you allow it...


Life does not have to be a struggle...


Merely FOCUS... Don't go "jumping all over the place"!


Commit to what I share with you on My List
and let's change your destiny together.




PS. Seen this surfing video with a good "message" in?  😉


This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Music, emotion, words that tell so much, and the need we all have for each other. What more can I say?

    Others (including you, my friend Lourens) have stood by Shireen and I and I pray that we can do our part in standing by those who look to us to stand by them.

    • digitmediax

      sure can Fernando 😉

  • James

    Yeah Lourens that video is the Bomb to me…Every time I see it, it touches my heart. God Bless

  • Tanja Foy

    goosebumps 🙂

    • digitmediax

      yeah, we are all so focused on “getting ahead”… yet we all forget that we have so much in common.. we are all going to DIE..!!!! so WHY NOT just rather bloody work together… focus and create the best life online and offline we can TOGETHER…! (those who don’t GET what I just wrote SHOULD QUIT trying to “make it happen” online and rather go waste time somewhere else) Anyway, thanks Tanja for your comment 🙂

  • Douglas Lambert

    WOW! Doesn’t this just take me back to a time almost 20 years ago………when I was indeed blessed and have since had the privilege of standing by someone in their darkest hours and being humbled by losing almost everything…….and most certainly my FOCUS.
    I know NOW is the time to turn things around,to regain my focus and rebuild an awe inspiring life………..

  • Steven Daniel

    Thanks Lourens for standing by us with your loving encouragement and instruction as we move steadily forward in pursuit of our dreams.

  • Hi Lourens THX for the 2 videos that was stunning , We always need some one to stand beside us no matter were we are in life and God is always there next to us. Some time we are just so buzzy that we do not make time for him. But He will never go away …. Thx Buddy 🙂

  • Lourens, no doubt in my mind… Music is the universal language. It also happens to be the basis of my education and earlier career as a professional in the performing arts. Music, art and the theatre of life, when shared and expressed with genuine passion, holds the power of communication. This has been my experience and my life’s work. To create and share beauty.

  • Louis Len

    As I sat back to watch this video song, things shifted in my saoul and I was reminded of what life is really about.
    Thanks Lourens for sharing that with us