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Have you ever heard the quote:
"Everything Works, Nothing Doesn't!"


When I first heard this statement it didn't make sense to me. It's a play on words right?
But then suddenly it hits and it makes complete sense and it can actually help you overcome your fear of taking massive action!


What this means is that when you choose NOT to take action, you are guaranteed NOT to get a result.
And many people operate out of this fear.


The idea that "everything works" simply means that there is no ONE perfect thing that works,
but rather many different things that could work. But ANYTHING is better than NOTHING right?


Therefore, everything works, nothing doesn't.
Meaning that you are better off at least trying something, rather than trying nothing.

But many people operate out of fear that they won't succeed.

They are afraid of failure, and because of this belief that they might fail, they don't even attempt it in the first place.

And there is some truth to their belief. Right?

Otherwise everyone would succeed at everything.


But unfortunately failure does exist, even when people try hard.


We know that the odds are stacked against us. Yet some of us choose to try anyways. Why?
What is it that causes some people to take action, and others not to, yet both have a chance
of failure from the results, and both have a chance of success.


What causes people to Take Massive Action, despite the risk of failure?

What a powerful question...

I believe there are many factors that go into this.

Everything ranging from past experiences, to personal motivation, to how conservative
and cautious someone's personality might be, or perhaps they have had a taste of success and feel that more is possible.

And the reality is that we ALL have experiences where we have taken action, despite a risk of failure.


For example, did you go to college?

#1 Did you invest tens of thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands, to get a college degree,
knowing that the student sitting on your left, and on your right would most likely fail trying the same thing?

#2 Did you get married? Knowing very well that over 50% of people that tried the same thing,
investing thousands, or tens of thousands into a wedding, would eventually end up failing at that as well?


There are countless examples right?

Of times in our lives when we have actually taken risks, to achieve something, despite the chance that we might fail.



What is that motivating drive that causes someone to invest so much time, energy,
and money into something, despite the chance of failure, just for the hope that they might succeed at it?

Well, this is what I believe, and it might not be what you are expecting.

And I can only speak for myself, not for you specifically, but...

--> I believe that my odds of success are 100%. <--




This is hard for many people to believe, but I believe it.

For example...

I have never graduated college, (never even graduated highschool),
but I believe that my odds of graduating college would be 100%, despite the odds that I would be told by society.

I have never been interviewed live on the news, but I believe that if I wanted to,
that I could make that happen if I decided to.

I have never been a best selling author, but I believe that could happen.

I have never met the President of the United States, but I believe that if I were
focused on accomplishing that result, that I would figure out a way to make it happen.
That my odds would be 100%.


Do you see where I am going here. Sure, the realists out there will give far-fetched examples,
that are more unrealistic, but what I'm talking about here is something entirely different.

It's a breakthrough that occurred to me early on in my career, when I had the opportunity to be
mentored by a successful millionaire, who got me in the habit of reading self help books, and focusing on personal development.

It took a while to get through my thick skull, but soon I found myself BELIEVING
that I could achieve anything I put my mind to.

I found myself stretching my vision, and stretching my dreams, and knowing that even me,
a broke skateboarder kid without a job and without a highschool diploma could somehow defy the odds, if I took massive action.


And so I did.


I started my own business out of a 250sf cottage/studio where I lived and worked,
and I caught the bus to the library to work on computers, and to the junior college (where i wasn't a student)
so that I could get more computer time.

Google was my teacher, the internet was my class.
Every day I would go on a mission to teach myself new things.

Learn new strategies. How to build websites, how to rank them in search engines, how to blog, and so on.


But the main thing I taught myself was SALES.


I learned from many self-help books that sales was the #1 profession where someone
could start from the bottom and rise up at their own speed.

And this is where it comes full circle.

You see, we don't just SELL things, like products or services.
One of the BIGGEST sales that we make every single day, is what we sell ourselves on.


What are YOU selling yourself?


Are you selling yourself on the fact that you can have 100% odds at anything you want to achieve in life?

Or are you selling yourself the idea that the economy is rough, and there are no jobs,
and everyone is suffering, so there isn't much we can do right now?

Are you selling yourself on a vision that you can learn any new skill that you want to learn,
even if you have no clue about that skill at the present time?

Or, are you selling yourself on the idea that others have a greater advantage over you
because they know more about something, or have skills that you don't have, and that the learning curve
is so high for you to learn new stuff.


Do you find yourself complaining about your situation?


Or do you recognize that you are in 100% control of your situation,
because it's YOU who can decide how to perceive your reality.

Do you live in the reality that CNN tells you to live in?

Or have you created your own alternative universe? A playground in your mind.
Where ALL things are possible. Where perception is reality. Where even the most
negative things that happen in life can be flipped, and reframed as something to make you stronger.


It's time to 10X your life.


You are worth more than you might know.

And time is short.

Go BIG! Chase your dreams. It's worth it



I trust that this article gave you some real "ah-ha" moments...   if not.... READ IT AGAIN  😉

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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Fantastic and amazing post – If it is to be, it’s up to me – needs to be printed and kept in my wallet so I can read it whenever I need it.

    • digitmediax

      lol.. sure is Fernando 😉

  • Lourens you have done it again 🙂 Every time I read your blog post or watch one of your videos I see a mirrow of myself and the doughts that I place in my mind.

    Then you give me the wake up call again so I can choose my reality and no one else.

    Yes I also want to write a book one day and do extra ordinary things and reading this blog post just makes me smile and I need to read it again to make sure I have not missed any more Golden nuggets 🙂

    • digitmediax

      Thanks David… sharing that post was definitely something “to do” 🙂

  • Powerful message Lourens, one of my a-ha moment for me personally is about how much have been spent on college education, I would say most people enrolled in blindly without really know what future lays in front of them even if they finished their degree, yet, so many people take that risk and pay big price (money and time wise), but when it comes to create success for themselves, for their life, not many are willing to take the risks. And one thing if I am to re-start my business journey from start, is to FOCUS on myself, developing the belief in myself that I could achieve anything I set my mind on, and I truly believe this is our mission in life to help others to realise this thing as well. Thanks for the post again Lourens.

    • digitmediax

      Well said Felix 😉

  • Greg Watford

    A great post, Lourens, and a big thank you for your teachings and support.

    Some years ago, Wendy and I attended a personal development seminar where the guru gave us the same message as you have in this blog… it is you who is control of your life! At the time, that was a revelation to us!

    Why isn’t this stuff taught in schools? It would make such a difference.

  • Kaspars Št?ls Papays

    Very powerful words Lourens!

    What I want to say is, many people are upset after first failure and probably thinking this is not going to work out! It doesnt matter!! If you believe in your self and do not give up! Success is on your way! You never know, maybe success is just around the corner! This is exactly what motivates me everyday!
    Thanks Louren for sharing this amazing article with us!

  • Thanks for being straight again.

    Often we’re too scared to make a mistake and be labelled a ‘failure’. Problem is we’re the ones most critical about ourselves. We forgot that mistakes are the things you learn from. That stuff that makes you a better father, mother, person, marketer, BOSS ;).

    We just need to take that step and forget what the world (and ourselves) believe regarding mistakes and risks…