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Neither Lourens or his partner have made any claims or do claim to be qualified or registered financial brokers/advisors and I/we understand they are only trying their best to assist me/us to move in the right direction.

I/we understand that Lourens and his partner through this mentoring program I/we have decided to engage in, are doing all they can to eliminate risk as much as possible however I/we understand that there is a risk factor and I/we personally understand and accept this risk 100%

Although both Lourens and his partner will do their utmost to present the safest and best opportunities known to them I/we will never hold anything against Lourens and his partner for any loss and I/we relinquish all rights to start or proceed with any legal action whatsoever against Lourens or his partner should any loss occur.

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I/we understand that all tax implications due to income derived from the opportunities I/we have been and will be introduced to are my/our responsibility.

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