Freedom: While I Do What I Love Money Flows Into My Bank Accounts

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Struggling used to be "at the order of the day"...  NOT ANYMORE!



Here is just a short but exciting little video showcasing some of my "life stuff"!

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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Jason Mckay

    That was a little wind back in time.well not that long ago..You inspired me to make my video with that one. great to watch it again..

  • Wayne Harrold

    Lourens.,,, Enjoy them while they are young.. they grow up very fast.. It is a Joy to be a part of your team and a part of your inner circle.. Thanks for sharing your heart…

  • Jurie Schoeman

    Many light bulbs went off lol

  • Nice video, I like the song. Who is it?

    • digitmediax

      I have no idea James.. sorry mate…

      • I think I worked out who it is Calahan. It sounded familar to something that was why I was wondering who it was.

  • Steven Daniel

    Hey Lourens.
    Thanks for the injection of “this lifestyle can be yours if you don’t quit” medicine (lol).
    God bless,