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In any form of internet marketing you really need to focus on the correct things first, or make no money at all.

Making money or rather making money online is not that difficult... SERIOUSLY!

What makes things so hard for most people coming online and even those that have been struggling for years
is the fact that unfortunately "guru marketers" get people brain-washed into believing that the answer to
success online are in certain things that only "they" can help you with.

But before we get into that let me share this video with you... watch it... AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So now after watching that video you simply HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that this is a business!


Did you hear what I just said... a BUSINESS


See,here's what happens online...

People come online and then get bombarded with all sorts of "shiny objects" and after only two weeks online this
new person is brainwashed into believing that success comes from certain "secret things"

  • ...such as some hidden loophole
  • ...such as some secret software
  • ...such as some "perfect sponsor"
  • ...such as the "best neXt program"
  • ...and last but not least - some "hidden traffic" source (ha.. ha.. haaaa!)

and after MONTHS... and sometimes even years...

those very same people STILL ARE NOT FREE..!

Here's some in your face, blunt, tell it like it is info for you...



  1. You have to be willing to ADMIT that you don't know what the heck you are doing! (your results prove it)
  2. You have to be willing to commit to:
  • develop yourself on a personal level and "marketing skill" level
  • learn from one person and TEAM (like me and my team)
  • IMPLEMENT what you learn (even while you make mistakes - it's part of learning and implementing)
  • And lastly... to NOT QUIT!


Here's the thing...


..did you notice there were TWO things I mentioned in the sentence above..?

You AND Success

If you want to know what I mean by both then stay up to date with what I share and what we do as a team

and I can promise you that if you do that your life will get WAY... WAY-WAY Better!




PS. This was a training email... some may think... what is this about...? and my asnwer is that if you "truly" don't see
the REAL TRUTH of how success works online in the video above, in this email and on the rest of my blog then you are
most probably NEVER going to "make-it" online.

PPS. Now with all of that said here are the tools you need to focus on. This is what I use and some of them you don't need now...
but later on as you grow your business... so I have placed them in order of importance for ya πŸ˜‰


Marketing & Lifestyle/Mindset Training:
My blog training list


Domain name/s: Name Cheap
Auto-responder: Aweber (most important tool of ALL)
Hosting Account: Hostgator (to start with)
URL Shortner: or

Payment Processors:


EXTRA TOOLS: (Get these when you are ready... you will know when that is!)
Professional Screen Capture Video Creator: - Camtasia
(all laptop screen recordings I do with this)
Funky Video Creation Software: - Animoto
(my home page video intro is done with this)
Video Embedding Tool: - Custom Video-Player
(it's what my videos on this site is embedded with)


Here you will find things that I have personally used to build my traffic generation skills with.
(some stuff I only share on my list in the internet marketing training πŸ˜‰ )


#2 Be on my list and pay attention to my emails as I share things there which I don't publiclyΒ  πŸ˜‰


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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

If you want the TRUTH about Online Marketing then this site is where you want to spend your time... no more running around in circles dishing out money you can't afford to lose to "guru" marketers... 90% of the things you learn, read, watch and listen to online is ABSOLUTE 'garbage' and is specifically put together in such a way that you NEVER find your OWN financial freedom online... Now honestly... if you are FED-UP with being screwed online... THEN FORGET all other so-called "helpful sites"... GET ON MY LIST and ...GET...OFF... from those OTHER marketers who are feeding you their "fairytale B.S". I'm here to HELP YOU get this online thing RIGHT this time round!!!

  • Gerald Allen

    Excellent Video…Once again Lourens you have put things in perspective. We have to learn that our attitude determines our outcome. It is the source of our success. All the training in the world does you know good if you’re not focused and attitude conscience. Lourens keep this incredible training coming….I want more….thank you

    • digitmediax

      Hey Gerald… yes that is true my friend… people more often than not look at these type of trainings and then “scoff at it”… yet they continue live without freedom… the reason? cause “thinking you’re clever” does not mean you are… lol.. results is the “pain in the @$!” which proves a person wrong… THANKS for being here.. I have seen SO MUCH growth in you and glad to see it paying off! πŸ˜‰

  • Peter

    Great video Lourens. Glad to be one of your business partners. Although we each live on the “other side” of the world, it’s great to see your teaching really works.

    • digitmediax

      thanks Peter… it is a pleasure working with you too… and with people like you as it’s you guy’s that LISTEN and implement… even if you fail at first… but persistence PAYS OFF! thanks for being part of the team…!

  • Neels Marais

    Again, excellent Video Lourens. Yes my goal is freedom in every area of my life. With this Team and training it is 100% possible!! Will Focus and will never never quit!!

    • digitmediax

      good Neels… simply continue… pay attention to the training, to the emails, SOAK EVERYTHING UP… cause that is the attitude needed to succeed at anything… “when you want success as badly as you need to breath… THEN you will be successful and reach FREEDOM!”

  • Johann Schutte

    Hello Lourens, again you made it clear that it is possible to get freedom. We just have to stay focussed and be prepared to learn. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • dayor

    Well said and straight to the point, i can see all this in my own life right now. It all happen without me knowing how. A year ago someone gave me a book called since then i haven’t stop reading self development book and following the lessons to the core, i realized my thinking has changed, i think more deeper rather than accepting what everybody believes, i am now able to create anything i want in my mind rather than waiting for chance or luck, I stop letting what i can see determine what i want, people now like to listen to me talk, my close friends now comment on changed i am. Honestly guy, i did not know how it all builds up to this but am loving it, the awareness i have now just from studying builds my believe now to the point that i don’t think anything is impossible. I have now brought all this idea into learning with Lourens, and am sure in no time, i will be making big testimonies about heights i once thought was impossible.
    All i did was make a conscious decision to do it and i did it.

  • normalperson

    Bernard here! Great Lourens, wishing but also know that more people will discover you! ALL that you spoke about in this one so crucial and the more we focus on the important things to get the basics of online marketing implemented as part of our daily tasks and lives the more money will flow as a natural side effect. What I have picked up in the months knowing you and before you started this – more direct training – I apply where ever possible and do see the results. Now imagine a couple of weeks from now with this training – will be live changing indeed!

  • Tim Cormack

    I can feel my attitude changing for the better through being part of this team and and I can’t wait to learn, absorb and implement what you will be teaching in your training videos. However I won’t be waiting until then to start, I have already made some mistakes, got some no’s and it is time to get more of them as success is just a little further along that road.

  • Jonas Fagerberg

    Thanks Lourens yet another fantastic video, really sets things in perspective. My goal is total freedom and I WILL reach it.

    • digitmediax

      Good Jonas… be eager.. be a “spunge”… soak everything up and IMPLEMENT… don’t wait till you “know it all” πŸ˜‰

  • William Hay

    Hi Lourens, just starting up and trying to get my head around a few things but I am really keen. “HERE WE GO”

  • Tom

    Lourens, this is what I have been searching for, for years! Someone to teach me how to be successful online. I have never been interested in “reinventing the wheel”, I want to partner with someone who already knows how to make wheels and let them teach me how. I am really looking forward to this and I will not quit. Tom

    • digitmediax

      you’re in the right place.. don’t get distracted… it’s that simple.. FOCUS

  • Bruno Casillas

    lourens, I was so proud and impressed with myself because I set up a campaign using AWeber with all the training I have learned from you. Pretty soon with your and the man upstairs help I will become a leader and set my self free. Thank you for sharing the tools. Now all WE have to do is implement.

    • digitmediax

      good.. keep going…!

  • Reg Loughlan

    I have been listening to you for quite a while now Lourens but have been a little slow working on my attitude and focus.

    It is definitly time that I refine my attitude and tightly funnel my focus.

    Thank you Lourens for your honest dedication, caring and down-to-earth training.

    • digitmediax

      pleasure mate πŸ˜‰

  • Marco & Danbi

    This post is great has some tough honest words of wisdom. Not only that but you lay out each simple and very important sources to really take off!! BRILLIANT!

    Guys get each one and use it! don’t waste time all round YouTube and Google!
    Lourens just showed you what to use and better yet…


    Whats better then that?!

    He gives it all for free! FREE INFO AND SAVE TIME LOL


    lets all be smart with the income we make AND USE IT SMART… think about family and goals..
    All that will be taken care of later…. that’s guaranteed PEROID

  • Peter Cuijpers

    Hi Lourens, as always again an inspirational video. Focus is the Key to Success.

    I was not a big reader, but since I started reading stuff like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill it opened my eyes and my mind even more. I can recommend to everyone reading this stuff .
    It will get you Focused.

    Next week I am going to attend a Live Training Session about ‘Out of the Box Thinking’.
    Your videos are my inspiration for this.

    I am proud to be on your team!

  • Bhekani Lucas Mvundla

    Thanks for a great video Lourens, most leaders online don’t talk the truth and give you step-by-step approach to reach your goal, all they interested in is selling you more products. I’m greatfull that we have a leader like you, I know personally that you have invested a lot of time in helping us succeed, you’ve even put certain things on hold to develop this training. I appreciate you my brother and its time to start implementing

  • Rutherford

    Cheers, Lourens.. I know I’m at the right direction ’cause I’m struggling and I know its okay.. But this is ONLY temporary. Quitting is NOT an option. Another priceless training here…

  • Andries

    Thanx Lourens

  • emily rowland

    getting there slowly but surely,gee thank you Lourens

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Great video Lourens. As always you amaze me with your straightforward approach – giving us the right priorities in life. When you first told me to avoid the shiny objects, it took me months to unsubscribe from all the rubbish I was involved in. Now, I follow you and can feel the changes in my thinking and feel the changes in my results.
    Thanks for caring so much.

  • Basheer Hasan

    I’m really excited about the possibilities I see with the direction you have chosen to take in bringing us with you Lourens. Although I have been on this journey with you for 18 months now, and have experienced some success, I have allowed myself to get distracted by life and other endeavors that took away my laser focus. I thank you for your selfless attitude and making sure that we have what we need to get it right this time if we decide to do it. That’s what I see in what you have shared so far, and that is, all we have to do is DECIDE, and then IMPLEMENT. You are a “Class Act” my friend! I will finish what we started this time, coach!

  • Wayne Levings

    Awesome video Lourens, true master coach, can’t wait to learn absorb and implement and coach others, thank you Wayne121uk

  • Brian Benningfield

    Another truly inspiring lesson!
    Your unselfish sharing of your success is helping to get rid of some bad habits created during 15 years in MLM. With your help I’m re-learning to be focussed and to priorotise my daily activities – even cutting back on my TV time – LOL!
    I’m now firmly focussed on my goal of a new lifestyle for me and my family and to help others who share my dream of a debt free life and the freedom to work when I want and with whom I want.
    Thank you Lourens for providing the direction and the opportunity!!

  • Anil & Jayshree

    Once again, great little gems to treasure from your video Lourens. Thank you for your drive and passion to assist others. We have a lot of work to do – a lot to start implementing….now to get on with it.

  • Jason Mckay


    Another great video you have created. Success for me has been long winded but after these last few months working closely with you and really focusing and working on my mindset has changed not only my thoughts but my income. It really has sunk in what I need to do and moving forward I can see big things happening. Momentum is Kicking in from hard work dedication and Belief in what I am doing. It is clear that what i’m doing now is right and I’ve got the results to back it up. The reason why is because of what you have been drilling into me and also getting into RCC success library. so thanks for the great videos and words it has changed my life for the better.

  • I found it hard when I started online because of all the information it can be difficult to know what to focus on. I decided at the begining of this year just to stick to one thing and only really follow your advice. I am now starting to have some success for the first time. Thanks Louresn

  • Karien Bosma

    i’m learning learning learning……..

  • Jurie Schoeman

    This is just the beginning of a great journey, learning learning learning and learning to start using you brains (maybe for the first time lol)

  • Felix Lie

    If I listened to this message when I first started…. I probably would have thought….
    “just get to the point, and just tell me where can I get started?”
    after been involved in this team for 9 months! this message is “GOLD” ….. I know understand, what is the importance of listening / reading of a message twice, the message that it delivers, will convey different important message to our brain.
    Thanks again for sharing Lourens!

  • Norm Burgher

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…great work L! I love the way you keep harping on mindset which is so important. I also like the way you keep repeating points to reinforce them in our minds and to keep us focused, that’s awesome! Slowly but surely I think my mindset is changing..I’ve finally ditched the other programs i was trying to work and am now exclusively focused on you and your team my friend(although I still have a trading account because I do love trading lol) Can’t wait to get more from ya

    • digitmediax

      Hi Norm… repetition is the mother of all “exercises”… you are so right… THANKS for your comment

  • Gereshan Govender

    Yet another great video Lourens! Focus. Implement. Prosper. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Steven Daniel

    Hey Lourens.

    What else can I say but…



    Maybe I should just talk to Merriam-Webster and have them put your picture next to the word “correct” in their dictionary (LOL).

    Obviously, through your experience, you know the challenges we all go through.

    “It’s a business… not a hobby” is something I know I need to master. With all the other responsibilities in life, trying to fit online marketing into it’s proper place can be challenging. Just need to learn how to put everything else out of mind every time I sit down to work this “business” so I can have the FULL focus I need to make it happen.

    Thanks for the direction…and the list of tools we need to succeed.

    God bless,


  • Stephen W. Weber

    GREAT advice and guidance, Lourens. You must be a saint! Everyone should be grateful for you and all that you share!. I am!

  • Dave Kanofsky

    Great to know we have these tools to learn from and use.

  • NiΓ±a Angeli

    Thank you thank you thank you Lourens!!

  • Andre Muckelvene

    Once again a amazing video I’m so thankful that I found Lourens,within this short amount of time my attitude and thoughts have completely changed.Thank you Lourens!

  • Mary

    Thank you so much for sticking with me…I am new to all this, It’s a bit daunting…I’m taking my time trying to digest it all…Now, thanks to you Lourens it is beginning to make sense!!!
    I will stick with it.
    I will succeed.

  • Connor Farrell

    Another good video Lourens. I always feel confidant after I watching them. See you in the next one πŸ™‚

  • Lynn Law

    Lourens I watched this video several times and each time I got something new out of it. I appreciate you for your honesty and quite frankly I’ve never come across anyone quite like you on the internet. Thank you for opening my eyes and taking me from hobby to business. My husband and I owned a bricks and mortar business and after watching this video and the others several times it finally clicked. I don’t know why we all look to the internet to make money but rarely do we approach it as a “BUSINESS!!”. Perhaps it’s the way others present it with there push button programs and sometimes outlandish claims. Being human as you always say we all want the path with the least resistance. Our business was not easy and it took hard work and commitment and this business is no different. Thanks for this video and of course the others but this one was the one I really needed to hear and focus on. I look forward to learning what I don’t know and that’s quite a bit. but I know how to ride a bicycle and I’m going to learn how to do this the right way as well. I will never quit because of my very strong why. Money in itself is a vehicle that allows us to be free.Thank you so much. You’re awesome!!

  • James

    The Skype room is a great tool as well every one has a little insight. Thanks on the powerful sharing of tools to make this a smother ride. Great Video

    • digitmediax

      pleasure James…. yes, our community is a great place for support and motivation πŸ™‚

  • digitmediax

    Hi Vue… there are plenty you can use… I use: (dependent on “what” I want to track… meaning solo ad’s or some other paid media)

  • Stef Tsompanidis

    Focus is the key we need to grow our business.We need to hear about this again and again and put our effort and energy in the right path.Thanks!

  • Gail

    Thank you Lourens,,,,, you tell it like it really is and it is much appreciated. There is nothing more important to me than the freedom of living a quality life with my family.

  • Tim Schneider

    Right on Lourens… You speak words of truth to succeed is up to you!! True freedom takes work and be willing to grow and learn.

  • Linda Ndamase

    I thank God for being on YOUR list. I have been lost literally! FOCUS pops up again. Great stuff Lourens!

  • Rick Pfarschner

    I am going to make it! I’ve been doing this for several months without any success but I am going to make it. I am developing a new mindset to success with your help Lourens

  • frances woodley

    I have been in KB & MLSP mktg for a few months, but I think now I am begining to emerge from the maze of videos about do it this way or that way, thanks to your training. I really appreciate your very straight and direct message and will follow your lead. Also, I love the view from your verandah looking out at the countryside and the sea and it impresses me with the notion of lifestyle. And you are right about the comments .. it causes focus & some soul searching.

  • I am going to make it Lourens! I still need to ponder things to get em to stick in my head haha. But The more I listen the more I learn. And it’s a great feeling when you start to recognize things like “Hey, that thing Lourens just said, I already knew that. Because I’ve been paying attention to his earlier videos, and now I understand and know that already. So now I can keep listening and get more education to stick in my brain πŸ˜€ haha! I really appreciate you beging a straigh shooter. I want to hear the things I NEED to hear, not some mumbo jumbo… so THANK YOU Lourens for keeping it real.

    Looking forward to the next video πŸ˜€ And before that, I am going to watch the #1 #2 and #3 video again to repeat. πŸ˜€

    PS. I am in the ProtectionThroughGold team with you guys on Karatbars πŸ˜€

    • digitmediax

      Hi Frederick… glad you found value in that… all things here are relevant… those that listen and learn and implement… THEY ARE the one’s moving forward and finally reach freedom! πŸ™‚

  • Jacob Monday

    I am glad that I met you this is great staff I am learning
    Thank you Lourens!

  • Henk

    I must admit, this is where things start to get a little over my head. All new things to learn and alot of focus needed for that. Learnt so much already and am getting a little brain overload. Haha

    • digitmediax

      lol.. we all go through that Henk.. simply PERSIST… you will get through this part of your journey… πŸ˜‰

  • I am one of those who drove around for several years.
    Being arrived here with this group makes me realize how much time and money I lost.

    I just did a big clean up my emails and I unsubscribed from all lists that have no relationship with my new business.

    It’s a new start and a new life begins for me and my family!

    Thank you very much Lourens.

    • I agree 100% with you Real and I feel like you feel

  • Steven Daniel

    Great insights… Powerful truths… With experience comes wisdom. Thanks Lourens, for imparting yours to us.

  • Hi Lourens What is the use of learning if you do not apply what you learn and that is including Reading books and Learning from people like you, if you apply what you learn then and only then you will have the results that your Teacher have no other way around. as from lesson one I did draw the line and say to my self that is that Theuns you can stay were you are for the rest of your life or you can change to (Mainstyn – LOL) what Lourens teach and stuck to him for the rest of your life and that is what I decide to do no wondr Tony say you are the best online Teacher in the world and I agree 200% with him YOU ARE THE BEST with all my hears online I never find a person like you… Thank you that you take the time to create this to help other that want to live there life’s to the full.

  • Louis Len

    We are so afraid to fail online that we try to remain on the safe side by sticking to theoretical knowledge. We we don’t realize is that we will never be knowledgeable at 100% on the matter of success online.Instead, putting training into action makes a difference day by day and help us grow discipline and confidence, which are in my opinion the greatest ingredients in any business

  • internationalwealth

    If there is one thing I have learned through my Journey it is the golden rule that.
    EVERYTHING starts with MINDSET.

  • I know many newbies are so eager to make money online that they feel like this type of video is wasting their time. they want the secret program that turns them to millionaires right away. I’ve been there…..
    Build your future online on a solid foundation is what I’m getting from this