Joking About Finances – Hilarious

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Some people seem to not really "get" what is going on around
them, especially when it comes to...

  • their own country
  • currency (not "money", as there's a big difference between the two)
  • how fragile everything around them is as far as banks, governments, etc


Sometimes though a bit of humor can "get the point across" of how things are working,
manipulated, and the dire consequences coming...


Watch these two videos below...  sure they'll spark an interest in you to get yourself...



Quantitative Easing - what it means if we 'cut all the BS!'


European Debt Crisis humor...


Kinda funny how laughter can get things to "sink in" a bit better, right?


If you are ready to protect your CURRENT wealth and the "purchasing power" of your CURRENCY (not money)
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In Australia on my recent trip there
(I have already started doing things differently that is why I'm better off now) 😉

PS. Do you know there is a difference between "currency and money"?

PPS. Believe things are "perfect" in the world we live in?
...and that the paper in your wallet is going to always look after you?
(if you answer yes - then you better watch this)



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