Money And Governments: Slap Yourself in The Face for Believing Everything is Just Fine!

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Two Things Are Controlling Your Life in a Big Way And They Are Money And Governments

Below I have some GREAT videos for you which will have you shaking your head vigorously
or have you "slap yourself in the face" for being so blind as to just believe everything is fine.


Money is ONLY your friend if you know what it REALLY is and how it works.
Money controls your future because without it you can't do ANYTHING. (and you know it)

And last but not least, Governments SCREW YOU OVER...!

Now, "get some backbone" and watch these videos...




Episode #1 And #4 are absolutely BRILLIANT!

Episode 1: Currency VS Money


Episode 2: Seven Stages of an Empire


Episode 3: Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity


Episode 4: The Biggest Scam in The History of Mankind

(this video got over a million views in it's FIRST 30 days)


Now those videos are from Mike Maloney, someone I learned from for years and have found his
information "spot on" 😉

Partly because of his information I went on a journey as an already successful online entrepreneur
to search out THE BEST possible way to grow an online income AND protect my wealth through
investing in Gold.


Interested on what I found..?


Check this out!




PS. Don't waste time...  you don't have enough of it 😉


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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

If you want the TRUTH about Online Marketing then this site is where you want to spend your time... no more running around in circles dishing out money you can't afford to lose to "guru" marketers... 90% of the things you learn, read, watch and listen to online is ABSOLUTE 'garbage' and is specifically put together in such a way that you NEVER find your OWN financial freedom online... Now honestly... if you are FED-UP with being screwed online... THEN FORGET all other so-called "helpful sites"... GET ON MY LIST and ...GET...OFF... from those OTHER marketers who are feeding you their "fairytale B.S". I'm here to HELP YOU get this online thing RIGHT this time round!!!

  • Duane Rush

    As I watched these videos I became mad and have decided to do something about my future. THANK YOU Louren for another awesome video lesson.

    • digitmediax

      Hey Duane… good.. glad you take notice of what is happening in your life through money and governments. 🙂

  • I first came in contact with Mike Maloney for about 8 month ago now. I believe it was when I first recieved one of David (Ingham)’s e-mails in my inbox. Mike’s videos immediately caught my interest and led to me discovering Robert Kiyosaki and of course, Karatbars International 😉

    My life have since changed as my eyes have been widely opened about the truth and reality we’re in. I am eagerly looking forward to the coming episodes of Mike’s series.

    And I agree with Duane, Mike’s videos got me PISSED OFF, when I realised I’ve been fed a lie. But I realize it’s up to ME to educate myself and I’m having fun doing so now and protecting my money in the best product by the best company in the world. 😉