Online Marketing Success: What You Really Should Be Focussing On

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What if I told you that online marketing success is not about creating sales?

Would that surprise you?

Try this on: success online is about creating momentum. Getting more sales is the EFFECT of that.

The thing which causes your business to grow is MOMENTUM!

So How Do You Create Momentum?

It all comes from daily, consistent action... aka: the "stuff you do".

Every time you run an ad...
Every time you send out an email broadcast...
Every time you do a team call...
Every time you attend a training call...
Every step you take toward developing new skills...
Every effort you take to overcome a bad habit...
Every time you stay up a bit later or get to work a bit earlier....'re adding to your momentum.

The opposite is also true...

Every time you decide not to attend a training call...
Or say, "I'll buy those products when I'm making more money..."
Or give yourself permission to skip a live video stream...
Every time you let a disappointment get the best of you...
Every time you focus more on your fears than your goals...
Every time you let shyness or fear overcome you....

...your momentum goes into decline. and to then make money online becomes a frustrating task.

FACT: Attitude equals your 'altitude'....

Got that..?

Attitude equals your altitude!

Do enough right things...   the right way...   with the right attitude...   on a consistent daily basis....

And "WHA-LA"

...your success is almost AUTOMATIC.


Whether you made money this week or not does not matter.

The only thing that actually does is that your momentum increases week-after-week.

Internet marketing is great...  and it allows you increase your momentum with systems (but more on that in other posts)

If your momentum does NOT increase, then nothing else will happen in your business. But if it does then freedom is VERY NEAR!


How To Establish Your Momentum And Make Money Online

When you first become an affiliate of some product or start-up in some business, you have zero momentum.

Some from that very point every thing that you do (or don't) will either be adding to or taking away from your momentum and ultimately your success.

You will need to develop some mental muscle... it's called discipline. (it actually keeps you out of Internet scams too)

Mastering the basics in any business (or in anything in life really) is what get's you to succeed.

And mastering the basics requires a consistent, disciplined effort.


Put another way: the only way to change your life is to change the things that you do on a daily basis and the way you do them.

To get good at something you need to do it every day. The more you do it, the more proficient you will become. And the more proficient you become, the more exciting your results will be.

Don't worry about the "pace / speed" at which your results come. It DOES NOT matter!  All that matters is getting them!

Don't try to be the best (not yet anyway).

That will come with time 😉


The goal is to finally get results...  to finally become better at what you do...   the END result will be to make money online!

You are serious about your online marketing success or you wouldn't be reading this. So I won’t insult you by saying, “If you’re serious....”


So, commit to doing “the thing” every day.

Get your marketing out there. Write in your blog every day. Run ads. Talk to your team members.

Post enthusiastic updates on your Facebook wall (if FB is your thing). Do some solo ads.

Will it always be easy? Depends on how you look at it. Yes, you will run an ad that will bomb. Yes, you will have some people start with you and then you never hear from them again. It's part of business online.

Only you can focus and get yourself through those times. You are the only one who can do the uncomfortable till it's comfortable.


Now, Keeping Your Momentum Sustainable.

To establish momentum, you practice new skills.

To sustain that momentum, you apply them consistently DAILY!

The magic is in repeating those steps day in and day out.

Think about anything that you’re good at. You didn't become “good at it” overnight.

Online success is no different...  it takes a bit of time...  so commit to it 😉

Consistency is one of the major keys to success.


Changing some habits is what it will require, here's an example:

You may say, “I love playing golf. But I love being free financially more. So, I’m willing to take a break from golfing twice a week so I can work my business.”

Understand these are choices and decisions that YOU can make. No one is making them for you.

Understand and except your life will change only when you starting spending your time and energy differently.

If you're willing to change some stuff then be ready for MORE OF WHAT YOU CURRENTLY experience.


Super Charging Your Momentum

Here’s the exciting thing about momentum: once you get it going through applying a little discipline  and keep moving through consistency....

....then you don’t have to worry about how "super charge" your momentum.

It happen’s automaticcally!

Momentum is like a small ice-ball you push up a hill and it get's bigger as you reach the top... then it reaches the "tipping point" and becomes an avalanche as it goes down the other side of that same hill.

Yes... it does take time and effort to get it rolling but once it does there is no stopping it!

It's the same in your online business.

It takes effort (and it may take time) to get a business up and running. But once it’s running, the only thing that can stop it is you!

So, unless YOU don't "show up" doing your daily tasks of working your business....

Unless YOU push the steering wheel in the wrong direction by not FOCUSING on the system you are working...

....your business WILL continue to grow in momentum every day, and then your income will, too.

You won’t have to worry about how to get more people to buy. It’s automatic.
You won’t have to worry about how to find new and exciting leaders. It’s automatic.
You won’t have to worry about how to get your team excited. It’s automatic.
You won’t have to worry about whether you've got money coming in. It’s automatic.


Focus on creating and sustaining momentum. “How many sales” and “how many people” are important questions to ask.

And they’re numbers that you want to watch.

But, ultimately, if you’ll focus on CREATING and SUSTAINING momentum, those numbers will take care of themselves.

Do the right things, the right way with the right mindset every day....and your success is guaranteed!

STAY FOCUSED  and forget all "shiny objects out there... 😉

See you on my list...

Lourens Haasbroek

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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Adam Friedmann

    Great post Lourens! Have to agree 100% – too many people give up too quickly because they aren’t seeing results in their first week.. If only they just kept going.. They would be successful!

  • Maulik

    Hi Lourens, I was really surprised hearing that online marketing success is not about creating sales, its about creating momentum and getting more sales is the effect of that. I have realized this from your emails and videos. I am proud to be a part of your list.

    And the consistency is what I am lacking, you said exactly right.

    I will now try to increase the momentum in what ever I do and stay consistent.

    Very very helpful post, Lourens Thank you very much for sharing this post.

  • Daneng Xiong

    Hey Lourens thank you for sharing your valuable insights on online marketing. Momentum is a precious thing and building it requires consistency and commitment. This is definitely an area of much needed improvement from me but thanks again for laying it out.

  • kevin

    Really liked your post.. I really enjoy watching and learning from your video’s and blog. Thank you for everything you do here for us.

  • Bhekani Lucas Mvundla

    Wow , Great post Lourens, when you get online for most people its only about making sales not creating momentum and when things dont go their way they quit, the above post is a game changer and will give an individual a realistic approach to online marketing. Its all about ‘Mindset’, thanks Lourens, you have also given me a perspective to ponder about

  • Joshua Lindsey

    When it comes to Online Marketing Success you hit the nail on the head. Great post. I think your blog looks great!

  • Jabril Kendrick

    Wow you have outdone yourself mate, Truly Awesome, i know this blog will help a lot of people believe in making money online again….. Jabril

  • Godsave Tichadini

    Awesome, straight to the point post Lourens :)! keep them coming. I luv the the fact your blog is mobile optimized too :)!

  • Gina Hall

    This is what I love about Lourens….straight talk…no beating around the bush….and it gets the job done, because I for one am convinced I will better my future with his trainings and advice. Kudos Lourens….great writing!

  • DavidMoney

    Great post Lourens. This is so true. Procrastination is a success killer. As you have said you need constant momentum. Looking forward to more posts and training.

  • Heather Wass

    …. as a long time member of the ‘Follow Lourens Club’ it has been an honour and a pleasure to watch and learn from you. I have often wished I could be ‘home schooled’ from your balcony!! … but alas, I am listening and learning from my kitchen just the same and implementing as I go …. Your blog is no less than what I have come to expect from you,…. the highest of integrity, passion, honesty and a caring for others….and content of high value…. I’ll be coming to this blog, often

  • Marco & Danbi

    Hello everyone!!!

    Lourens once again great post!

    People it’s not a game.. Lourens is the REAL DEAL!

    Danbi & I been with Lourens for about 2 years now, and enjoyed every single day..

    We both look back and see a HUGE change in Health, Wealth and becoming smarter with everything and better with each other.

    Don’t give into FEAR…. you can do it. shit anyone can lol

    and to our fellow teammates whhhaaaattttzzz uppppp!! Crazy Marco here lol

    Trust this Team and most of all Give Lourens a Shot you will never regret it!!!

    P.S. If your still here YOUR CRAZY theirs $$$money$$$ to be made!!!!

  • Lorraine Smit

    Thanx Lourens… great content. It really helps me to put my focus in the right place!

  • Felix Lie

    Great post again Lourens….. I feel this year is a “BIG CHANGE” year for me….. Thank you for your insight and examples that you outlay, make it easy for us to understand and to see what need to be changed from our end!
    Looking forward to grow together with you and the team!

  • Vishal S

    I love the simplicity of your blog Lourens, and a very useful message on momentum.
    Thanks for sharing, Cheers!

  • Clive

    What a great 1st lesson to kick off our journey with . It seems you’re speaking right into the face of the hindrances that keep me all bound up , year in and year out !

    Thanks Lourens


  • Fernando Bonegio

    Great post, Lourens, I particularly like the line “…do the uncomfortable till it’s comfortable”. That just describes what we have to do to get out of our comfort zones.

    If the key to our success is found in our daily routine, we need to look carefully at that routine and change it to grow our momentum – we need to make it a habit!

    Thanks for your blog (its so much more than just a blog)!

    Fernando and Shireen

  • Lourens, I have been in touch with you for 1 1/2 year now, through one specific business. I consider that it is of utmost importance to let you and everybody else know what a true blessing you have been in my life. It’s less about money, it’s more about your integrity, above all. After working for 12 solid years online, I reached the point where I had totally lost faith in the whole internet business sector. I believe you have been sent from God to re-ignite my hope and drive to keep pressing on until I reach my goals and dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you and your beautiful family
    tremendously and always…

  • Steve Green

    Hey Lourens. Your words are always so inspirational. Like Fernando said below it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. If you can force yourself to do something that is not comfortable for you, but you know it needs to be done, you’re on your way! And the more you keep doing it the easier it becomes, and then momentum just takes over.

  • Bruno Casillas

    Great blog Lourens, So many golden nuggets. Now to just get focused and make some money
    and break free!

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Lourens, reading this again (and watching the video) a light bulb just went off in my head as I realised that you are talking about the first steps to build a BRAND – building momentum is the first step to building your Brand.

  • Iain Claydon

    Hi Lourens, thanks for the inspirational words as always. The thing that hits me more than anything else is the message to stay mentally strong. The opportunities are there, you just have to believe and stay focused. Thank you for sharing with us. Iain

  • Gereshan Govender

    p (Momentum) = m (The actions you take you do to improve your business) * v (How often you execute those actions)

    It’s time to start creating that momentum, if not now, then when… Realized over the past couple weeks that life is way to short to be “stuck” in our financial situation and freedom. Thank you Lourens for these great, motivational words! Gereshan

  • Francois Viljoen

    Another coin in my piggy bank, Momentum. Thanks Lourens!

  • Andrew Croot

    Great Post Lourens!! Having spent this week working on my Momentum I found this post timely and relevant (even though you had sent it 12 days ago!!).
    Thank you for the great info and sharing. Off to the next one now!

  • Anil & Jayshree

    Thank you for not sugar coating things Lourens and saying it as it is. Honesty is a quality thats so rare to find in the business world these days. We are so glad that we looked past all those shiny objects to find the real thing. Yes, it takes effort and dedication to achieve the freedom we want, yet it is all so worthwhile.

  • Jason Mckay

    Lourens, Powerful post! momentum is absolutely what will happen as a result of hard work and dedication to your business. It is so important to complete daily tasks, Money making tasks so you can create momentum and this all comes from belief, Attitude and Focus its a recipe for success. Great Great Post.

  • Matthias Janos Tatai

    What you share with us, always keeps me going and motivated not to quit! Thank you for this awesome post.

  • digitmediax

    lol… you see Steyn… I ACTUALLY CARE… 😉 other marketers will not have told you that… glad you “got it”… now create the Life Of Your Dream.. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

  • Bernard Swanevelder

    This is probably one of the best posts I’ve read and well needed. This stays one of my best quotes from Jim Rohn and it fits in perfectly with your post. “For things to change for you, you have to change”. I need to keep reminding myself of that, but change for the better, day by day one step at a time and by staying focused anything is possible.
    Thanks for the reminder and consistently giving us food for thought!

  • Thanks for the great advice again Lourens. I think I am at about a small snowball stage and need to get building and growing and that will then hopefully eventually turn into an avalanche.

  • Philak-Da Loc-star

    building momentum is the focus from this day forward….always an inspiring blog post Lourens

  • Gereshan Govender

    Was great watching this video again! Really brilliant first day of training… Can’t wait for the rest

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  • Jonas Fagerberg

    This is great information, I will definately work on my focus from now on.

  • Lorraine Smit

    Thanx again, Lourens, for freat and inspirational conent!! May God truly and richly bless you, Heila and the children!!

  • Ronald John Bruce Noad

    Yes Lourens, that is true! Enough momentum should keep one going when it matters! We are all privileged to learn from you and try to apply what we learn every day. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. To actually get there in the end, one must continue and keep generating the momentum. Thanks!

  • Tanja Foy

    Great blog – I struggle with consistency – partly cause I don’t actually know what I’m doing! ha ha..but as I learn I change what I’m doing so it’s a learning curve every day 🙂

  • Steven Daniel

    Hey Lourens.
    What a magnificent and much needed blog post!

    You lay EVERYTHING out so clearly… and every time I read it, it just gets clearer.

    Thank you.

    God bless,

    • digitmediax

      thanks Steven, yes this is really where it’s at… people expect “traffic tricks” to be the solution… and I can tell you it’s not! Just like making lots of money does not mean that you will USE IT WISELY… 😉 (ponder that too – cause people do not sit and think about things enough)

      • Steven Daniel

        I agree Lourens.
        Your comment reminds me of God’s exhortation to us in Proverbs 4:7 (KJV)…

        “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

        Thanks again and God bless,

  • Dave Kanofsky

    Very excited to be part of your team along with learning and applying what I’ve learned. Thank you Lourens for the opportunity.

  • Lynn Law

    Great post and the best information. Thanks Lourens. Momentum is like a locomotive. When you first chug out of the station it’s slow but gradually builds up speed to reach it’s destination. I’m just leaving the station but picking up momentum!

    • digitmediax

      Hi Lynn.. thanks for your comment.. MOMENTUM is the key… get it and KEEP it 😉

  • Bill Harris

    Hey Lourens I am a new follower of yours and am looking forward to learning more about marketing and moving ahead with this process, thanks for all of your emails.

    • digitmediax

      Hi there Bill. WELCOME my friend… you are in the right place… keep an eye on your emails.. (make sure you saw the Gmail video if you are using Gmail) and merely implement what you learn.. DON’T GET STUCK IN “library”… but get into the WORKSHOP. 😉

  • James

    Consistently getting better with what you do….make what you do better.. Thanks Coach for the lift…

  • James

    Yes, people say Practice makes you better…Ha, Ha, it’s proper practice that makes you better at what you do….Keep on Keeping on Lourens…Preach my brother Preach….

  • John

    Thanks Lourens … sometimes a smack on the back of the head is what we all need to wake up.

  • Charles E. Rush

    Thanks Lourens…as that’s just what I needed to keep me focused and all in!

    • digitmediax

      Hi Charles… good… glad you found value… let me add this: FOCUS is not saying “yes” to the particular business you are in.. or strategy you are using… Focus IS SAYING… “NO” to all the good opportunities and strategies that come by… (jack of all trades master of none) THANKS for your comment!

  • Gail

    Its good to know that ‘it wont happen overnight BUT it will happen” this is such a new world to me marketing…..getting my head around it has been a daily challenge. Perseverance these last few days had been very fulfilling. I actually placed my ad today and what do you know it turned up in one of my other email accounts along with all the other offers that I delete daily. Didnt delete mine though lol…….

  • Tim Schneider

    Focus and discipline is the key to success. . I am ready to learn to the best of my ability!!!thank
    you truly!##

  • Linda Ndamase

    Thank you Lourens… that got me thinking!

  • frances woodley

    Fantastic! I find it very encouraging to see that I can do a few tasks every day aiming in the right direction and I will get there. I think the 12 week strategy to $4k is for those who can hit the ground running (with experience), so I need to be more realistic. I’m ready and moving.

  • The point that I get from this lesson is focus on the goal. I have made an effort to not get distracted when I’m doing my daily stuff regarding marketing. Whether it be posting FB ads, replys to my Linkedin friends, emailing prospects, etc. I get my family to cooperate with me by lowering the TV set, not walking into my room while I’m working, setting my mobile on silence till I get done. Little things like this can really make a difference. Taking control of your surroundings will allow you to get into this “momentum” on a regular basis. …Thats my 2 cents.

    • digitmediax

      Hi Rudy… thanks for your comment.. you gave great advice in there. Glad you found value in the post too. THANKS AGAIN for sharing your views… it will help others 😉

  • digitmediax

    Hi Frederik.. I just replied to one of your other comments and stated in there that Success is NEVER late… it ALWAYS comes when you are ready… and from my viewpoint where I am and looking at what you just wrote I must say that you ARE READY… keep going!

    Your post above is VERY important.. more people will reach freedom once they reach the level of your realizations above! 🙂

    • Thank you Lourens. I feel more ready than I have ever felt before and that’s what keeps me going. I can actually feel it this time that I’m on the right path. And realizing that feeling that success is just around the corner for me, IF I just keep going and implementing the stuff I learn is thrilling. 😀 I’m ready and I am excited 😀 Thank You once again Lourens for your guidance.

  • shaundrahudson

    i must say your emails are refreshing. I actually learn something and get inspired from them. I have signed up with you(just waiting on verification). I look forward to working and learning from you. I can’t wait to see who I am and my bank account a year from now.

    • digitmediax

      Thanks Shaundra… as they say: When the student IS READY the “teacher appears”… Keep going… and don’t lose focus on all the shiny object hitting your inbox daily.

  • Henk

    Thank you Lourens, your words confirmed and affirmed yet again a few practises my coach is helping with, and what momentum is all about. Cant change the law of momentum. It is all around us. Everything comes back to the same principles

    • digitmediax

      Hey Henk… it sure does.. thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Peter

    This article/post should be written in the stone for anybody who is willing to do something online !!!

  • malcolmwot

    Great stuff! Really fires me up!

  • Derrick Gill

    Thanks Lourens, this is good stuff, looking forward to some more e-mails.

  • Arend Jan Lichtendonk

    Thanks Lourens.

  • Tertius Bester

    Thanks Lourens. This is also true for the offline (brick and mortar) world. The more momentum you have, the better for your business, and usually marketing is what creates the momentum.
    A lot of this is very new – and there is a lot of it – so making sense of what comes first, and what comes next is a challenge – but once the mindset is changed, it is a lot easier to decide what habits to change or start, and then to make sure you do them every day, every week, every month, every season – to get into a rhythm.

  • Gerald Leach

    Thanks very much Lourens – very inspiring

  • Douglas Lambert

    You cannot build up momentum running in circles which I have been doing……so for me it’s your way or the highway from this minute on.thanks Lourens

    • digitmediax

      Good Douglas… FOCUS… forget “shiny objects” online… don’t jump from one thing to another… then you’ll reach your goal… Hope you are in our PTG team and watch last nights hangout we held (26 June). that hangout alone will set people FREE!

  • Lourens this post is one of the “evergreens” . It is one the I/we will come back to time and time again. It applies to every area of life and most certainly to online business. I need constant reminding, focus and momentum, focus and momentum! Thanks for being such a great mentor.

  • Bjarki Rafn Jonsson


    Somehow you just make things so simple. I am always just smiling and feeling this deep motivation from you. I have a sponge mindset now. I look so forward to the journey 🙂

    Thank you

  • Vivian Leroy Kanaseb

    Hi Lourens,

    At this point in time, God knows why He used you to talk about momentum. I now know why in so many areas my momentum decreased.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Wow, Lorens you just made me to open my eyes and now I see why I’m still turning around the same pattern for so many years.

    Thank you.

  • Suzanne Carvell

    I have to agree as I joined two weeks ago I have been doing every day into the evening even though I have been knocked back I have kept the momentum. I will continue exploring new ways to get my message out there because I believe/know I can change people’s lives for the better. Thank you Lourens.

  • Louis Len

    If I focused years earlier when I met Lourens, I would be very far today. But I gave him 10% of my attention, and the remaining 90% to “shiny businesses” that soon turned into scams with my hard earned money. Guys, follow this crazy straightforward but honest mentor. And if you’re just starting online, you are exceptionally lucky and bless to meet Lourens right away.
    Trust me, you will get ads in your inbox promising magic turnkey businesses that will bring you $10K a month without any effort : Yes it does exist, but in your colored dreams. Once you wake up it usually too late.
    I’m not Lourens’ brother. I’m just sharing my mistake with you so you won’t make the same one.
    Just focus and give your time and energy to this ONE mentor and focus on creating the momentum for your business. If you decide to run around, taking short cuts to get rich quick…I’ll see you broke in the ditch so time from now…..
    Louis Len

  • I have my very own word to describe momentum. It is HAMMER THERAPY.
    If you are no-result sick, just keep banging hard on people’s attention wherever they go. That will cure you. As people love free stuff, they also get attracted and curious about anything that has an unusual and consistent presence. I believe success online begins by being visible online in a constant way. Your presence is marked by the short video you publish, the blog post you write, etc.Never neglect that important aspect

  • Sorayda Lan

    thank you for sharing these insights!