Precious Metals: WORLD WAR… did you know this? (Gold)

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Precious Metals Like Gold And Silver Are Bound to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Whether That is Going to be Good or Bad is UP TO YOU!

World War 1
Here's a question:
What if you made $100 000 per month and you fill your bank account with that paper money (fiat currency)
and then the world's Reserve Currency "bombs out"....?


Regardless of the amount of money you make you will be SCREWED!
That is it...   simple and plain! Don't believe me?  Let me give you one of MANY examples from...


(yeah, this actually happened over-and-over before and WILL happen again soon - but GLOBALLY this time!)

German Mark1German Mark2

(images above: German kids playing with cubes of money in the streets as they are worthless and the cleaning-man sweeps the paper money-notes together as people dumped their cash as it lost it's purchasing power / value)

If you look at Germany in January 1919 before the war a person in Germany could buy an ounce of gold for 170 Marks...

4 years later due to the turn of events a person in Germany needed 87 TRILLION Marks to purchase the same ounce of Gold... Now that was only a SINGLE COUNTRY'S currency...
Watch and see what happens when the WORLD'S Reserve Currency ( United States Dollar ) goes belly up...

  • Gold has ALWAYS been the answer...
  • it's the only thing that lasts and grows in value...
  • and it's God's money since it's not "man made"..

(that's just some food for thought)

Here's the thing... the global economy is literally falling apart.
(if you don't know that then it's just proof that you are uneducated about that fact)
You have the opportunity now as you are reading this to pay attention to what I'm sharing with you and through this actually set yourself on the path of accuiring assets such  as Gold and Silver and be able to protect yourself against what is coming.


You don't have to be a "victim"...


But rather be the victor!



What you need to do now is simply ponder what you just read and saw in this post, realize that I'm right
and know that you need to do something about it and therefore get onto my...




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Precious Metals

PS. If you are not making $100k per month AND your life is already filled with desired results THEN you
better pay attention to what I just shared with you and get in there cause I actually know what I'm doing.


PPS. Precious metals has been the "got to" place for all economic turmoil for THOUSANDS of years and
now the "mother of all" collapses are looming...  Over 4000 (THOUSAND) currencies have already collapsed
before...  but NEVER on a global scale and since this is going to be the Reserve Currency - watch out!


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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Oh man, worrying as that video is, it is True and has probably been on the cards ever since the world came off the gold standard. In my country South Africa, one of the world’s top gold producers, the currency is no longer related to gold output, and has not been for a long time.

    This information is very timely, and we need to stay close to where Lourens will guide us (and be thankful we are in his team).

  • George Martin

    Man, these are some eye opening facts that I never realized. I can now understand why its a good investment in buying gold and silver or any other type of precious metal……..Thanks Lourens

  • Jurie Schoeman

    Very interesting and also scary due to the fact that we as people are not realizing this and that people all over the world doesn’t know this. Why would it make sense to save money if money is just DEBT. Money is not an asset and so you can’t rely on the money to put you’re trust in saving money thinking that you will be safe.

  • dayor

    Only few months back i had a shift in my awareness, i started to understand money and how it is transferred among people. Lourens is taking us deep into areas people don’t want us to know because this is the knowledge that will liberate us all. Knowledge about money was never thought at school talk less of home, all we hear is “We cannot afford it, It is for the rich people, money don’t grow on trees,take the cheap on” etc.

    Think about it, we are all engross in our thinking and our ways now that it will sound odd to us if someone told us it is wrong, but what we fail to know is that all the things we believe is true about money is not what we personally found out, it was what we were told by peers, parents, teachers or media, we have believe in it so much it has turn into our habit. It is time to make a change for the better, no one else will look after our future but our selves, and if we focus on this, the universal energy will have no choice than to help us reach that heights. Thanks again Louren for the eye opening

  • Nigel Sobers

    great info i am learning a great deal from Lourens

  • Rene Klaassens

    My answer to the question; “what if you earn 100K per month is: I would donate a great piece to a foundation called “Stichting Semmy”. Because:

    In the Netherlands, approximately 125 children are diagnosed with brain cancer annually. Two-thirds of them, about 80 children, are diagnosed with a brain glioma. Approximately 15 per cent of pediatric brain tumors involve a brain stem tumor (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG), which is about 18 cases annually.

    It is well-known that there are large charities in the Netherlands that collect funds for cancer research, such as the KWF and Kika. However, it is less well-known that these funds only finance research that is about to produce results.

    In other words, virtually no funding is given for research that is in its early phases.
    Brain stem cancer is rare, affecting just 1 in 250,000 children, and its rarity means that it is not interesting for the pharmaceutical industry to support scientific research into the disease.

    Unfortunately this means that in the Netherlands, every two to three weeks a child dies due to brain stem cancer. In the US, almost every day a child dies due to DIPG.

    • digitmediax

      thanks for sharing your heart of caring… more people should care for others .. unfortunately this post is shedding the light in the fact that your money is going to be WORTHLESS soon… and THAT is why the focus is on getting into precious metals as it’s the ONLY thing that has PROVEN through history that it lasts UNLIKE the over 4000 currencies that has ALREADY gone “down the drain”

  • Marilee Kennedy

    Very interesting. I have been telling my elderly father for years that things have drastically changed since he and and my mother were young and starting out in their married life. At that time, the average family could easily afford a house in the suburbs and 2 cars in the driveway and could put their kids through college and take regular vacations, etc. while remaining DEBT FREE!

    These days that is virtually impossible, even with 2 full time incomes. The buying power of the dollar has gone down so much. People today will never have the standard of retirement that their parents have enjoyed. I have seen this in my own family.

    It sounds like investing in precious metals is the way to go. I look forward to hearing about Lourens’ business.

  • Felix Lie

    thanks for the video again, thanks for reminding us on how foolish if we are to keep working on JOB and putting in our money in the bank, and one day, all that will worth nothing! This inspires me to keep moving up and leaving the JOB world completely and leave a legacy for my family and people around me

  • Marco & Danbi

    this is some eye opening stuff… what more scary is when I try to talk to friends etc… they laugh etc… thinking everything is 100% ok… I wish everyone can watch this and save them selfs.. great work lourens

  • C Taylor

    Hi there Lourens, I hope you are having a well deserved holiday. I cant wait to learn more from you on this note, this is a business I am most interested in above all.

    Many Regards,

  • Anil & Jayshree

    Thanks for opening our eyes to what so few are aware of Lourens. You help us to be in the right place @ the right time.

  • Steve Green

    I think the ostrich analogy is spot on…”If I don’t look at it…it can’t be there!” Look at the countries where this has happened before, how arrogant are we to say “it this will never happen to us!”

    Governments worldwide have a great track record in one thing…BS! And if they’re saying…”It’s ok, everything will be fine”, I for one will be heading for the bunker, and if this is taking 1000% of your focus we would be pretty silly not to take it very seriously.

    • digitmediax

      EXACTLY Steve…

  • Joshua Lindsey

    Great video it is amazing how much elements can be worth.

  • digitmediax

    ABSOLUTELY Steyn… and this time the “BANG” is going to be bigger…

  • Derrick Gill

    Real eye opener for myself as I am one of the baby boomer generation and I can see the value of now investing in Gold and Silver, thanks Lourens