Savers Are LOSERS… (seriously)

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The Phrase: "Savers Are Losers" Is Really Something to Think About!

Money - paper money that is - has something VERY in common with vehicles.

Believe me...?

You just have to buy a car to know that's true. And when it comes to money
you only have think back to what you USE to pay for bread, milk, gas, housing etc...

Common sense can go a LONG way if you have some 😉

Money is DESIGNED to lose value... and with Central Banks printing non-stop
with no end in sight, the value of money "crashes" faster and faster every year.


                        Watch this video



Saver Are Losers:

What you don't know CAN... read that again... CAN HURT you BADLY...!

That's why I made a conscious decision years ago to learn all I can ABOUT MONEY.

What REAL money (gold) is and what it's NOT (paper).


You see, when we mention the word "money" people instinctively think about
paper money... (and that's all it is - paper) when in fact REAL "MONEY" is
and ALWAYS has been GOLD & SILVER.


This is the EXACT REASON WHY I have decide to literally walk away from
all the business opportunities I used to be involved with and get into
the ULTIMATE BUSINESS which deals with REAL money!

Most People ONLY Suffer Cause They Are UNINFORMED... So get informed! 😉


Here's a Great Video Sequence to Watch of Robert Kiyosaki called:
The NEW RULES of money!

Video #1
Conventional Education Vs Financial Literacy


Video #2
The CASHFLOW Quadrant

Video #3
( This Video Is At The TOP OF THIS Page )


Video #4
Assets Vs Liabilities


Video #5
Good Debt Vs Bad Debt


Video #6
The Difference Between Buy, Sell & Fool


Video #7


I trust that you enjoyed that and it gave you some new INSIGHT.

Be wise... join me in the ULTIMATE BUSINESS instead of wasting time and money online!



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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

If you want the TRUTH about Online Marketing then this site is where you want to spend your time... no more running around in circles dishing out money you can't afford to lose to "guru" marketers... 90% of the things you learn, read, watch and listen to online is ABSOLUTE 'garbage' and is specifically put together in such a way that you NEVER find your OWN financial freedom online... Now honestly... if you are FED-UP with being screwed online... THEN FORGET all other so-called "helpful sites"... GET ON MY LIST and ...GET...OFF... from those OTHER marketers who are feeding you their "fairytale B.S". I'm here to HELP YOU get this online thing RIGHT this time round!!!

  • Gerald Allen

    Lourens very informative. This is something I’ll be watching over and over again. Being informed and understanding what is going on with REAL MONEY(GOLD) is so important. Now why FAKE MONEY(PAPER) is not the answer is important. I find that Robert is one of the best in the industry for this knowledge. Thanks for sharing Lourens. I’ll be diving in daily on this. Fantastic.

    • digitmediax

      he sure is… there is a lot to learn in life and money… those that do not want to continue learning are the one’s battling…

  • Steve Green

    When someone with the reputation of Robert Kyosaki spells everything out so clearly, it’s amazing more people don’t take notice of this. It’s a real education. Too many heads in the sand!

    • digitmediax

      I second that Steve… people want to act like “ostriches”… lol and that does not get them anywhere. Unfortunately people listen to those that are doing worse than them or are in “the same boat”…. THAT is exactly why I have reached my success and still grow in it… cause I don’t listen to anyone that does not produce their OWN RESULTS first. 😉

  • Felix Lie

    thanks for sharing this useful “easy to understand” Robert’s video. Could I ask your opinion about “gold price” movement Lourens? with US dollar being influenced by US government printing excessive amount of money , how about gold price, we see gold price goes up and down (isn’t the price of gold somehow influenced by people who trade gold as well?) or would that be more of if we are looking at the whole picture, gold in the Long Run will definitely increase in value because of its limited sources? thanks Lourens

    • digitmediax

      Hi Felix… One can have short-term OR long-term goals with gold. (silver) Traders have short-term goals. I do not 😉 I use gold and silver to PROTECT wealth… “park” money and protect the value of my money. Look at any chart of gold and yes it has up’s and down’s… just like any market… BUT OVER time it ALWAYS goes up and ALWAYS OUT PERFORMS paper money. The gold price – IN THE SHORT TERM – is also manipulated yes. But the free market ALWAYS wins in the case of gold and silver. The only thing that stays standing… proven through history… for THOUSANDS of years… to protect wealth is GOLD. 😉

      • Felix Lie

        Thanks Lourens for your reply.

        It’s clearer now in terms of the direction where our team is going!
        can’t wait until you guys launch this, so I know and learn more about this. Have a great day Lourens, God bless : )

  • Duane Rush

    Great videos I have learned a lot.

  • Jacob Monday

    This is Great Financial Education that everyone who is looking for better lifestyle
    should be financially literate.

  • Peter

    this looks simple and clear..!! Why people still don’t listen…??

    • digitmediax

      Hi Peter… that is a VERY GOOD question… (sigh) People are so “clever” in their on conceit and lack of knowledge… (and their results prove it)

  • Hi Lourens , this was nice I learn a lot and it is so great to learn from someone that know what he is talking about

  • Another great post Lourens, thank you. When Robert speaks, you listen!