The 4 Reasons For Success ( and Failures)

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Success And Failures Are Something That Every Single Person on This Planet Goes Through.

Failing at things can be really frustrating. And when you are trying to build online
income and battle to get results in your home business then THAT REALLY SUX's!

Some times we even create imaginary  reasons for why we don't succeed.

When in reality there are only
4 Main Reasons for failure.



The funny thing though is that those exact same 4 reasons are the reason
why others (like me) are earning thousands of dollars per DAY!

With that said: "Are you ready for me to show you what they are?"

Sure you are 😉


Please just understand that “not getting results and failing” is a NORMAL thing!


We all go through failures. We fail from the day we are born at things. And we
learn through failure how to start crawling, walking and running. Remember when
you had those "nappies"...   lol


The key tip is this...


...until you reach a point in life where you decide to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
for creating your own results and realize that in life and business the only guarantee
that exists is what YOU DECIDE to do regardless of what happens when you run into obstacles, that is how long it will take you to reach success!

So, here are the 5 reasons for success….. and their counterparts are the 5 reasons for failures:


#1  People who struggle or fail more often than not don’t have a clear vision or "picture in their mind".
Successful people on the other hand know their "vision" inside out!

You’ve probably heard it a million times before -
You have to have a crystal-clear picture of EXACTLY what you want to achieve.

And people who battle to get good results either:
a.) don’t have that "clear picture" burned into their mind
b.) don’t hold that "clear picture" with consistency.

Here, I’ll prove it to you:
Answer this question in less than 5 seconds: (without having to think about it)

“What’s your specific, numeric income goal for the next 30 days and what
will achieving it do for your life?”

Nine people out of ten cannot answer that question without having to “come up with an answer”.

That means that 90% of people are "going through the motions".
And don't really know what they’re doing it for.

Or, if they DO have a clear "picture / vision", then they don’t focus on
it consistently for a period of time.

The solution:  get clear and stay clear.  Be consistent.
When you do that you’ll automatically be part of 10% of humans who actually create
their desired results and live on purpose. At the same time you'll "secretly" slip
into the top 5% of income earners online.


#2 People whom fail all the time do not follow instructions with integrity and consistency.
Successful people are coachable, trainable, action-oriented… and they do it over and over!

Bluntly... you do not do what you’re told.

You claim that you do.  But you don’t.

The truth is that most people who say they’re “doing everything I’ve been told”
are only doing about 20% of it at BEST.

Most people only do what’s convenient and inside their "comfort zone".
The stuff that doesn’t require them to get out of their comfort zone is what they
are in love with.  The stuff that doesn’t require any "dirty work" or some discomfort.

If they DO go through team or company training, they only go through it once... ( ? - sigh )

...and in the majority of cases, they weren’t paying attention!

Then even worse is that on the things they actually did pay attention to, they
ignore about 80% of the advice and just don’t do it at all.

Even the people reading this who are LISTENING NOW to advice honestly… and getting
results realize that they're not even doing half of what they're taught, most of the time.

How do I know this?

Because I have built MULTIPLE 6 & 7 Figure businesses and I can’t claim to
have “gone through all the training” or “have done 100% of it” as I was told.

I’m claiming less perfection than someone who’s making no money at all but
who claims to have gone through all the training!

The solution:  instead of just buying the training... actually go THROUGH the training!
Turn off your Facebook.
Turn off the cellphone.
Turn off your Skype.
Close-out your email client.

Tell your family that you’re going to "the moon" for an hour every evening.

When you actually DO that (instead of just "talking about it"), you’ll actually
slowly start growing into the person you need to be in order to get the desired
results and finally before you know it your "picture" becomes reality!


#3  People who fail all the time GET OFFENDED, "mad", quit or "pissed-off" when they
see the feedback they get from their emails or ad's etc..!

Successful people on the other hand constantly test, tweak and adjust their business
in response to their results.

Simply put, people who fail more often that not don’t adjust their strategy.
Successful people are constantly making adjustments.

As an example, those who get bad results all the time never bother to tweak a video
that’s not converting.  They don’t adjust subject lines of emails when they don't get
opened or headlines of capture pages or sales pages when the visitor hit's the page and
then leaves quickly.

Most marketers don’t even pay attention to whether what they are doing is even working or not.

They just blindly do something and then act bewildered if it doesn’t work.

Why?  Because most people have an “entitlement” mentality.

They think that they can 'get rich' on the Internet without having to
develop their own marketing skills.

That's why all the HYIP's (high yield investment programs) has such popularity.

That’s why all the “we do it for you” offers are so popular.

That's why the "sit on your @#$e and make tons of money from under a palm tree" sales pages
are just CRUSHING it with conversions ALL WHILE the person getting involved get's slaughtered!

It appeals to people with the welfare mentality.

The solution:  Understand that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap.
And the only "easy thing" to do is to "see your @#$!"

Pay attention now...

There’s no such thing as a single email, video, ad source, headline or presentation that
will work 100% of the time.  Being a successful marketer is about being accountable,
focused, clear, coachable and ready to make adjustments in your strategies.


#4. The unfocused person who is constantly failing has an "expiration date" on their dreams.

Successful people however, will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve
their goals.

The key here is “whatever it takes for however long it takes”.

Regardless of what that means (as long as it’s ethical).

Notice I didn’t say:
“whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t mean doing something you don’t
like or don’t want to do.”

Notice I didn’t say:
“whatever it takes as long as I can do it without spending money.”

Notice I didn’t say:
“whatever it takes as long as I don’t have to do something that will make
me or my spouse nervous”.


I said:
“being willing to do whatever it takes”.

The one's failing all the time don’t do that!

They operate with a mindset of “giving it a try” or “seeing how it goes”.
They’ve got an expiration date on their efforts.

And that’s exactly why I (or ANY sponsor or leader) cannot really help these people.

Because when they ask for help and advice... they don’t really want help and advice.
They just want some validation for what they’re already doing.


Here's an example.
I have seen MANY people in my businesses who I believe are just as capable as
anyone I know of being successful online. But they are not really interested in
doing “whatever it takes”. They are willing to do “whatever it takes as long as
it doesn’t involve them getting out of their comfort zone”.

And that’s the mental mistake!

And it’s keeping them from having the success that they need and deserve.


So, long before we get into their decisions to not access the trainings,
before they reach the point of not implementing what is taught,
before when he/she DOES actually do the things needed and then he/she does not "stick with it".

before all of that...

the person needs to REALIZE that mental mistake!

…underneath all the things I just mentioned is the simple fact that he/she is not really
committed to their business.  They are not really willing to do what it takes to be successful.


So do WHATEVER it takes... without it being an obstacle to your personal values.


The solution:  stop setting limits on your efforts.
If you’re not willing to do “whatever it takes” to reach your goals, then you cannot
expect to get the same results as those of us who are.  Commitment is the name of
the game and integrity is everything.




Working your #$@! off for an hour today and then skipping 4 days will not do it.
Nor will doing it for a week, skipping a few weeks and then coming back a month later.

The reason I sent out an email recently and then made over $25,000 in 11 days is because
I actually decided to get focused, get a "clear picture" and be consistent in my efforts.

You'll now either read this post again...
pay attention...
make the decision to "get clear"...
make the decision to be consistent in all your tasks

…and then "suddenly" as if it was magic...

start generating REAL RESULTS that will grow, and grow, AND GROW!

(or you'll close out this page and think, BS...! and then go live in the same old circumstances)

You are EXACTLY where you are in your business because it’s where you’ve CHOSEN to be.


Read that again.


The degree to which you will argue with me about this is the degree to which you are still
blaming someone else (the company, your sponsor, your spouse, your boss, the government, etc.)
for your struggles.


Stop...  Take ownership of your business.


Quit pretending that your situation is someone else’s fault.  It’s not!

This is where you’ve chosen to be.
And at ANY moment in time you can start choosing to start getting a different result.


Are you REALLY listening??

Are you REALLY reading my emails, my blog posts and watching the videos I share??

Are you REALLY doing everything that it takes??

Are you REALLY paying attention to the trainings??

Are you REALLY applying income producing activities every day??

Are you REALLY willing to do “whatever it takes”?


Better question:
What are you going to decide RIGHT NOW?!!





PS. This is EXACTLY where you need to be!


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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

If you want the TRUTH about Online Marketing then this site is where you want to spend your time... no more running around in circles dishing out money you can't afford to lose to "guru" marketers... 90% of the things you learn, read, watch and listen to online is ABSOLUTE 'garbage' and is specifically put together in such a way that you NEVER find your OWN financial freedom online... Now honestly... if you are FED-UP with being screwed online... THEN FORGET all other so-called "helpful sites"... GET ON MY LIST and ...GET...OFF... from those OTHER marketers who are feeding you their "fairytale B.S". I'm here to HELP YOU get this online thing RIGHT this time round!!!

  • Gerald Allen

    Excellent Post Lourens. This was one of the best post I’ve ever read. You keep it simple and tell it how it is. We are responsible for our success and financial freedom. No one else can do it for it. We have to change our mindsets and then apply what we learn…and as you said we MUST APPLY what we are taught 100%. We MUST LISTEN to what we are taught 100%. We MUST STAY CONSISTENT in what we are taught. I’ll be reading this post over and over again. Thank you Lourens for posting this….WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS MY FRIEND.

  • Steyn T. Müller

    I answered the first question with ease… My goal over the next 30 days, earn $700 every 30 days so I can quit my job(it’s a small goal for now, but it’ll grow). So I felt really good about myself for answering a question that most have to process first…. but then I read the rest. Sure I ran into some obstacles, and I’ve taken some action to overcome them, but I realize I have barely moved out of my comfort zone. I have realized fear is an obstacle for me, fear of failing I guess (and through Lourens I have learned failure only comes when giving up). My goal for the next 30 days have changed after reading the whole post, yeah this time I had to put in a bit more thought into it, but now my 30 day goal is…..GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND TAKE BOLDER STEPS!

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Excellent post as always, Lourens. Once again, you deliver just what I need and at just the right time. You have been talking about focus for a long time, and just when I think I am well focussed, I realise that I am drifting and do NOT have the clarity of thinking I need. This post has delivered a serious message to me – it is time to stop drifting, get clarity and set some really short term goals,
    This will help me see small successes on the road to my goals and not just a big goal that keeps drifting off out of reach. “Be, Do, Have”

  • Tanja Foy

    Another awesome post….. The thing I really appreciate about your posts is that you are such a genuine person…I’ve experienced quite a few “new best friends sign up with me and I’ll help you”…then I’ve signed up never to hear from my new best friends again! It’s nice to be able to find you in the Skype rooms helping us….even though you are extremely busy at the moment…so I am very grateful for all the posts and everything else!

  • Felix Lie

    Thanks again for awesome content on your blog Lourens….
    I know you must have put a lot of your time and thought when writing this post, really appreciate you sharing this Lourens.
    Grateful that I can come across this post today….(almost missed it…. hehe)
    Thanks for pointing out the “simple” ingredient that most (90%) miss in their life…. this post reminded me of one point particularly that I need to focus on and bring in as part of my life journey….. which is your no 1 point…. set goal…… instead of just cruising along….. and I did try and print out your post and re-read that again, and gee… how true, I thought I have covered everything in my first slow read….. but then, I came across another great point when I read it again………. Thanks again and have a blessed day Lourens. Cheers , Felix

    • digitmediax

      great… thanks for sharing your thoughts Felix… glad you are getting value here 😉