FOCUS: The Very Powerful Chain-Reaction it Has on Your Marketing

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When you cut all the "crap" in the online marketing world and actually focus then making money online becomes child's play.

So the question YOU should ask yourself is:
"Am I Truly Focused Enough to Get The Results I Strive For in Online Marketing?"

Well let me help you in getting focused by you sitting back, relax and watch the video below.
When you are done... be wise...  focus...

...and leave your comment below cause getting into the HABBIT of doing tasks such as the one I just requested is what will get you to be more proficient and FINALLY BREAK FREE FINANCIALLY!

Watch the video below now - and let me have your thoughts afterwards... 😉


 So, how many "lightbulb" moments did you have in that...?

Should be PLENTY... if not, then it's just proof you need to watch it again! will change your perspective




It's not that hard to focus in fact it's merely a decision too.




PS. Learn to focus by getting on my list if you have not already 😉

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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

If you want the TRUTH about Online Marketing then this site is where you want to spend your time... no more running around in circles dishing out money you can't afford to lose to "guru" marketers... 90% of the things you learn, read, watch and listen to online is ABSOLUTE 'garbage' and is specifically put together in such a way that you NEVER find your OWN financial freedom online... Now honestly... if you are FED-UP with being screwed online... THEN FORGET all other so-called "helpful sites"... GET ON MY LIST and ...GET...OFF... from those OTHER marketers who are feeding you their "fairytale B.S". I'm here to HELP YOU get this online thing RIGHT this time round!!!

  • Peter Cuijpers

    Lourens, you made once again a very inspirational video. Now I have to print this in my mind and implement this stuff! Changing my daily routine is where I am gonna start. thanx again.

  • Wayne Harrold

    HI Lourens, 10 months ago you taught me this very thing “Focus”.. and since that time it has been a process to bring that to a “Narrow Focus” with a direction.. For thoes of you who have yet to learn to focus and stop buying the shinny buttons.. “Please” listen to Lourens… He truly cares about you and your family… Just Do It!!

  • Maulik

    Hi Lourens,

    This is true that I came online and its now about more than 1.5 years and I am totally overloaded with information that I can’t really focus on one thing! The example that you gave about the weight loss, that same thing is happening with me in the online world, moving on from one thing to other and not focusing on one thing. Its really becoming a habit, but Thank You for this that you are opening our eyes and making us think about this.

    “TV programs you”, that’s correct, absolutely true. Me too don’t watch it, TV really wastes time.

    Yes Lourens, it’s really hard online now that there is lot of crap that who to believe, what is working and what is not!

    But now I am really committed to that what you will show us and where you will take us, I am going to do that.

    I am really eager to learn things and tricks and for traffic etc. which you are going to teach.

    And am glad that I am at the right place where I came online to can change my life. And you are the one who really wants us to succeed.

    “Success Online doesn’t come from a business opportunity and it’s not a business opportunity that will create freedom” – this really created light-bulbs in my mind!!!

    It blown my mind listening that google banned 50,000 marketers advertising!

    I have watched this video one time and I am commenting this after that, but I am going to listen this video again and again until I understanding everything that you explain.

    Thank You Very Much Lourens for sharing this GREAT stuff and guiding us in the Right Path 🙂

    Looking forward for a REAL SUCCESS working with you.


    Lourens, Thanks once again for a video that makes one truly think. For someone so young, you are very wise. As of late, anything that hits my inbox… delete, delete, delete. No more shiny objects for me. I’m looking forward to learning and implementing and taking this journey with you. Tara

  • Rutherford

    Thanks Lourens! Solid gold as usual. Thank you for speaking the truth. It gives me the confidence that I and a lot of people under your team will be free very soon. Just need to be focused and have a realistic expectation.

  • Rick Young

    Lourens, you hit the nail on the head for me….. Even though I have been following you for a few years and made a little income, I was not focused. Joining silly programs not under you, getting caught up in Skype and forums…. wasting time! This video was great and now has me on the right track. No more shiny objects and checking out other offers from people I don’t know … Simplicity is following one proven leader and one method and that is definately you.

  • Christopher Cormack

    This is SSSSOOOOOO true its far to easy to keep on doing the same and get know where because we ALL jump around. Everyone needs to embrace focus on whatever we do. We have all done it, how did we learn to walk, ride a bike etc. In a nutshell yet again Lourens THANKS.

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Wow, Lourens, what a great video. Once again you give me exactly what I need, just when I need it (how do you do this????).

    When you first taught me to focus,it took me 3 months to unsubscribe from all the rubbish I was involved in.

    I really appreciate all your efforts to help us, guide us and generally slap us into shape – and I so appreciate you being totally straight forward in all your teaching.

  • Tim Lunn

    Inspirational Speech! Really Great to be a part of the Team! Notes taken, attitude set and I’m in deleting mode too lol! 🙂

  • Niña Angeli

    Lourens…BEST VIDEO EVER!! I am IMPRESSED and INSPIRED!! Focus focus FOCUS!! Do my Tasks BEFORE I get sucked into my inbox! 🙂 Really excellent…everything! Thank you!

  • Bhekani Lucas Mvundla

    Great Video Lourens. Focus is important and it goes hand in hand with Momentum, everything is becoming very clear and there’s a sense of direction. Focus and start building momentum untill the results show. Thanks my man

  • Jurie Schoeman

    Lourens, this was a real eye opener for me. Sometimes we make small mistakes every day and don’t even realize it. You we’re straight in my face and I liked it, why because it made me realize a lot of things which will produce better results for me at the end of the day. In my opinion, you didn’t just became successful, you became a Legend instead, and that’s why I’m following your advice and your advice only. I’m committed from here on now.

    Thanx a Million

  • Cori Zimmerman

    Wow…I needed this!! A wake up call! I have been going around in circles for too long and not focusing. Now is my time!!!

  • Breidy Astacio

    You are a very good person lourens and you always wise advices … Well done kid…God bless you and your family…

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  • Raza Begg

    Louren You are right on my friend. Focus is definately one of the most crucial thing that needs to be controlled. This is the reason i am an avid follower and fan of you and your training.

  • Basheer Hasan

    What is insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I am guilty of this insanity. That’s what I learned from this video, Lourens.

    I have involved myself with some of the things you have shared with us, but I have also involved myself with things you have not. As a result I have seen my focus very divided and not concentrated.

    You can only do so much for us. But the reality is, we must willing to change our actions and we must take action, if we ever expect to see extraordinary results in our own lives. And those actions need to be in those areas that you have shown derserve our immediate attention.

    It’s not easy learning to walk. It;s a process, isn’t it? Thanks again, for awesome leadership!
    I’m on it!

    Basheer Hasan
    Wes Des Moines, Iowa

  • Felix Lie

    WOW…. make me realise how “INFOCUSNESS” can sidetrack our time to reach SUCCESS! So simple , yet so many people miss this point.
    Simply grateful being in the team that have leaders that really care about our success!

  • Abdul W. Raaj

    Hi Lourens,

    What a remarkable thing. Thanks for sharing. Some of us in your team are the proverbial litte lion in the Lion King film. Thanks for the reminder. I’m loving this team.


  • Basheer Hasan

    Just studied this message of yours again, Lourens, and my take away this time is to Bar the door to any more opportunities, PERIOD! When I started this journey with you 18 months ago, I did that and my result reflected it. After experiencing a little success, I forgot, and fell back into the trap of looking at this, that and the other. I see now, that I must really get laser focused, if I intend to really get myself free. I must work on my mindset daily. I must work on my skillset daily. I must work on my marketing daily. I must follow your lead, my friend, daily! Together we will get it DONE THIS TIME!

    Basheer Hasan
    West Des Moines, Iowa

  • Alby Koster

    Hey there brother…. you KNOW I have been doing this deal for 12 years now since I turned on a computer for the first time… and I bounced like a ping pong ball from program to program.. .. riding the gravy train and like a Bower Bird being attracted to shiny objects….. I made some GREAT money in some programs..but it was just dumb luck to be honest…… and then my friend, I bumped into you!

    I ALWAYS knew I could build a six figure income…. and have been FRUSTRATED for so long to see so many with what I believed to have “less ability” go on and build online empires while I ate their dust…. and then you taught me to FOCUS…and the final piece of my puzzle was placed!

    As I look down the barrel of my first ever $100k month its YOU I have to thank for keeping me laser focused on my goal and putting the blinkers on and keeping my eye on the prize…… one track mind… tunnel vision…. till I achieve all that God destined me to achieve…. and the MOST amazing part of this journey has been understanding that when we take our eyes off ourselves and focus on OTHERS success… OUR “success” gets caught up in the slip stream!!

    If I were to 100% honest.. I would have to say that my “success” is now defined by how many people I have helped to overcome so many financial hurdles in their life…… the “money” for me is just a tool…. to bless others…to further Gods kingdom….. and with you by my side every step of the way Lourens…its been such a fulfilling process to not only see lives changed but to bond with you like brothers only can!!

    Thanks you my brother, business partner and friend for taking the time to sow in to MY life and passing the batton!!

    My deepest love


  • Gereshan Govender

    I have a confession: I’ve been unfocussed in my time online!

    This is so true, we need to focus on one path, follow that path, become an owner or master of that path and ultimately the master of your own destiny! And I’m ready to get onto this path…

    Thank you Lourens for sharing this with us! Bless you!

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  • Tanja Foy

    hey Lourens…wow this video is like you were talking just to me! I have been in this business for 3 months and drowing! Dankie vir alles!!! 🙂

  • Anil & Jayshree

    Thanks for sharing Lourens. Each time we watch this video we pick up new gems. Many lightbulb moments too;-) I see why watching it more than once is recommended.

  • Jp

    Talking about focus, I think it’s really important to focus on the things you love to do in life, don’t just do want others do.

  • George Martin

    Focusing is a major concern for a lot of us. I know I’ve been all over the place, so to speak.After this lesson I will begin to delete a mass amount of crap from my inbox and unsubscribe from a bunch of crap email list. Its going to be easy to do because I will be focusing on positive systems that my team is involved with……Thanks Lourens

  • Focus is the mother of progress, there will be no progress without focus.

  • Jason Mckay


    Focus is something that happens when you really believe in what you are doing. I have been that person that jumps from one thing to the next and it got me nowhere but broke. I am now FOCUSED on our Team goals and am building my team daily and my income Daily. This video should be watched by everyone 10 times over especially people with green rockets and people struggling to sponsor and build their business. Fantastic post and Video.

  • Matthias Janos Tatai

    This video lesson is one of the most impressive one for me, because i can see myself in it.
    I do live in a Country where i make $300 from my regular job, and I was a victim 2 years ago to the
    that goes on the internet where people tell you what you want to hear
    and making you believe that you will
    become a millioner by the next month doing nothing but buying their “super productes”! Every time i see new shiny opportunitie i always keep
    in mind what i have learned in this lesson and it helps me focus!

    Lourens thank you for
    the things you share with us, you are a lifesaver.

  • This is such an important video because if you don’t focus and commit to something you end up jumping from one thing to another and end up not getting anywhere!

  • Jonas Fagerberg

    Again, alot of really great information. I too have dumped the TV, I actually gave away my 50″ plasma TV for free because I realized that it was filling my head with (I was going to use a nasty word here, so let me rephrase) undesired information. I have not watched the news for years because of the overwhelming amout of negative information I got bombarded with. Getting rid of the TV is one of the best things I have ever done, it made it much easier to FOCUS and minimizes the risk of becoming a couch potato. When I want to watch a film I stream it over the internet.

  • digitmediax

    Thanks David for your post. Everyone should read your reply…. 😉

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  • Steven Daniel

    Hey Lourens.

    The principles you teach us continually bring my mind back to the principles of truth that God teaches us in His Word. In this case James 1:4-8 (KJV)…

    5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
    6 But let him ask in faith [believing], NOTHING wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
    7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.
    8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    Getting clear and concerned, with SINGLE-MINDED FOCUS is the key.

    I remind myself of these truths many times a day to keep me from “wavering” so that I am NOT “like a wave of the sea [that is] driven with the wind and tossed” (moving from program to program, spending a little bit of time here and a little bit of time there, allowing myself to be distracted by not doing income producing activities before anything else, etc.).

    And just like verses 7 and 8 state… I’m kidding myself if I think all that unfocused activity is going to produce results… because the only thing it breeds is instability.

    I prefer to be FOCUSED… and stable.

    Thanks for giving to us liberally so we can have the wisdom we need to succeed.

    God bless,

  • Tanja Foy

    this video is a good way to start the day with!!!!

  • Steven Daniel

    Hey Lourens.

    Another fantastic video. Thanks for making it so clear for us what it means to really focus.

    You hit it the nail on the head for me…going through time frames of moving from program to program, a little bit of time on this, a little bit of time on that… running in circles for way too long and never making forward progress.

    I believe I have finally learned this lesson. I got so fed up with all the emails that were bombarding my inbox (and I mean REALLY fed up), a few days ago I unsubscribed from every list possible to get rid of all those distractions. How rejuvenating it was! I feel like I got my life back!

    And for me, even more precious advice… don’t do anything else until we have first finished our income producing activities!

    You are right…this was life changing. Thank you!

    God bless,

  • Karien Bosma

    I watched this video several times, It is so true. it’s all about focus and getting in action, implementing. Thanx Lourens

  • Dave Kanofsky

    I have been guilty of being unfocused so many times it’s not funny. Thanks for the wake up call and your help.

  • Dave Kanofsky

    This information really inspires and makes greater sense every time I view it.

  • James

    Yes sir, Getting focus concentrating on this one thing and doing it the best that you can and always growing and learning from the experience….I will stop going to my emails first reading them… Thanks Lourens for the reminder and getting on the habit track..

  • Coach K

    Great message Lourens, and very true!

  • Linda Ndamase

    So true…so true! Creepy though, you mentioned that even now some of us still go back to our emails to check for the ‘BEST’ programme to join. I just did that just before watching this video! I went back and emptied and trashed out all the distractions, and it felt GOOD!

    Thank You Mr!

    • digitmediax

      Hi Linda.. glad you actually took the information and applied it by deciding to take action on all the “shiny things” in your inbox and deleting them… 🙂

  • frances woodley

    Hi Lourens, I have watched this video from you twice and will do so again. Thank you for so many irrefutable insights; I wrote a whole list of 15 points! To bottom line it would not do justice to the content but I will post it all on the noticeboard above my desk. First word: Focus, last word: Nothing is instant. Love the reasoning, thank you, F.

    • digitmediax

      Hey Frances… thanks for the comment.. glad you got value from this… and glad you got those points from this post and video… it truly is key to understand this 🙂

  • Henk

    Concentrated focus is like heat through a magnifying glass. It can burn through obstacles in our way. In so many ways I can relate to what was said in this video.

  • Arend Jan Lichtendonk

    Hi Lourens. What really bought the word “FOCUS” in perspective a few years back, was what I call the “three finger rule”.

    In each hand we all have four fingers and one thumb, correct?

    What happens when we accuse a person? The first index finger comes out pointing to that person, but what are the other three fingers doing?, and where is the thumb pointing?

    It took me the better part of my life to figure this one out. It also made me realise that I should be more FOCUSED and looking introspectively at myself first, to get to the real cause of my current situation before I started blaming everybody with my pointing index finger.

    In almost every situation I came to realise that because LACK OF FOCUS I had created my own DEMISE, because of the inability to be FOCUSED and listen to take the right action which would have saved me all the time wasting that I had put myself through.

    To put this in perspective the three other index fingers that are pointing at yourself are telling you to FOCUS, and have a close look at yourself and the situation your in before you lay blame on everything and everyone around you.

    • digitmediax

      Very…. VERY wise words there Arend. you said it all and I hope all of the readers here see your post! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  • Douglas Lambert

    Oh boy …Lourens did this ever hit home………great info..I have some really bad habits to break!

  • Vivian Leroy Kanaseb

    Hi Lourens, Wow, Who knew that out of one video a person can start reflecting on so many mistakes one has made.but at the same time one learns how to change also.


  • Lourens you’re right over the whole line.

    It’s been at least 4 years that I jump from one thing to another, spending thousands of dollars without any profit or so.

    Now is the time I will start to follow the directions you’re giving me and on which I will focus.

    Thank you so much for helping me get out of this vicious circle.

  • Steven Daniel

    Direct…. Loving… The precise message I needed to hear… Hence, the reason for my profile picture. Thank you Lourens.

  • Theuns

    Hi Louwrens Thanks again, you hit the nail on the head 100% , You can only get what you want if stay focus and apply what you learn on or Off line , Did all the wrong stuff that you are talking about expt the TV I don’t have and don’t what one and yes I love Reading the books that you are talking about.

  • Louis Len

    No comment actually. The message is fresh and to the point. This is a video I should watch at least 3 times a week to remember to stay on the same tracks and focus on them ONLY. It takes great concentration to focus when you get bombarded with the get rich schemes.
    Great Lourens!

  • Suzanne Carvell

    1. Focus needed 2. Stand back and see the cycles you have and still are repeating.If there is an obstical find a way over around and keep moving focus on yourself. Lourens thank you for sharing the pearl.

  • Philip Martinez

    Lourens what could any one say powerful stuff I did watch the other videos and have someone
    showing me the computer so to speak and learning to operate it LOL the video about the direction
    this country is headed scary stuff want to say book of revelation scary without offending anyone
    i especially liked the advice about not opening any…. any…. thing in my email that is going to
    rob me of my time and freedom Semper-Fidelis on that by the way.Respectfully Philip

  • Thanks louren you reminded me of the word a double minded man is unstable in all his way like a wave of the sea i will focus thank you.

  • Sally Parkman

    Focus on self and make necessary changes to reach my goals..obviously it’s an ongoing process to change my mindset.

  • When I look at all the crap that was in my favorite list on my computer, I just feel like dying for the time wasted jumping from program to program. Banners Broker, Just Been Paid, Felmina Alliance, and so forth. And you are right Lourens, because I came across all those shiny businesses within the first 3 months I started looking for a living online.