What It Takes to Succeed – ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH

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Very Few People Succeed in Mostly Everything They Try...
This Video Will Lead You to Discover Why!

Personally, I have found this video VERY-VERY powerful...

...it's one of those things you have to just watch MORE THAN ONCE as there are
SO MANY key things in this video it's quite STAGGERING!

I think anyone watching that and then not understanding the need for their own commitment
to their own success will NEVER reach success and freedom...

What's your thoughts?




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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • This is a very inspirational and powerful video and everything he says is 100% true.

  • Philak-Da Loc-star

    In your face and too the point, and it hit home. Exactly what I needed to hear, thanks lourens you and et walk parallel paths.

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Yep, this needs to be watched more than once. Very powerful messages:

    – Desire
    – Be, do have

    – Focus your attention
    – Work at your dream

    – Avoid distractions (and, I guess, distracting people)
    – NEVER quit

    I am sure there were others I missed – I’ll just have to watch it again.

    John Maxwell says “People do NOT change until the pain of not changing becomes too difficult to bear!”.

    Thanks for this video, Lourens – very motivating

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Oh man. Now that I have watched the video again, I realise that I missed the most important thing first time round.

    BE PASSIONATE – the presenter is one of the most passionate presenters I have seen for quite a while (and it rubs off, doesn’t it).

  • Gina Hall

    This video is a real kick in the butt! You can’t help but be deeply affected by this man’s enthusiasm and genuine desire to get people to WAKE UP! Thanks for sharing this Lourens!

  • Great message in there… Pain can be used to create a life of abundance… I see so many “kids” starting an online business and they quit after 2 months… and they complain and blame others cause – as the video says- they experienced no pain and they are spoilt brats.

    I have been 15 years searching for my “wealth” and I only began to see some kind of success recently cause I need to succeed “as bad as breathing”, so true.

    It’s when we are tested with REAL problems that we can can unleash the best in us.

    Thanks Lourens for Sharing, you are true leader.

    All the best to everyone

  • Hey Boet, great vid. It’s such an inspiration to see a man of your calibre still getting value from this, I guess we never stop learning and listening to inspiration. Like Fernando Bonegio said, “It rubs off”. Thanks for the share.

  • Yip, what a great video! Failure is easier than success, because before success you might experience some pain, discomfort, insecurities, burn your boats or even some bridges etc. and unfortunate, not all people have that trained / focused thresh hold level to endure & push through a little more to succeed in their goals or tasks. Never give up keep at it!
    Thanx Lourens 🙂

  • Christopher Cormack

    14 minutes of pure GOLD

  • Tara Segelken

    Very, very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joshua Lindsey

    Make it a great day! Playing the video 1 more time.

  • Felix Lie

    Short , yet a very powerful message, so true about the “soft generation” we are compared to our parents, lets work hard as a team towards success and leave a legacy towards our future generation, and let them know that we aren’t from “soft generation”, thanks again for sharing Lourens

  • Marco & Danbi

    I knew you would love this video Lourens! I’m so glad I shared this with you.. when I showed Alby he Freaking loved it haha now everyone will get to see it with the list of people you have lol. hopefully it will give everyone a big boost!! knew it you will love it haha

  • Bhekani Lucas Mvundla

    Wow, very powerful message, I will watch this video for the whole week. thanks Lourens

  • Stancie Hape

    Crushing but Powerful! A big touch of reality from where I am standing today. Thank You for the reality check and kick into gear. This video is a sure keeper in my box office Louren. Thanks! E.T!

  • Tim Lunn


  • I watched this video yesterday and had a conversation with my wife about this topic also because it’s so true about our kids mainly – if it’s not easy, then they don’t really want to do it, they’ll rather sit on their mobile or watch TV… but one thing that stuck with me from this video the word SUCCESS and breath. The word success is a perfect inhale & exhale word. You know that conscious breathing you sometimes do when you force more oxygen into that tired mind and body after long hours doing something.

    I tried it and it’s works great for me… will be using this now.

    Think of the word SUCCESS…
    Now inhale with the first part of the word SUuuCk – yes, suck air into your lungs.
    The SU moves the air in from your mouth and when you reach the C (hard C soft k)
    the air in your lungs are forced to compact and your lungs absorb the oxygen.

    Now exhale with the last part of the word CEeSss…
    The second C being softer forces your upper abdomen muscles to contract pushing
    your diaphragm muscle up forcing the air out, but also teaching your body to breath
    correct – using your abdomen for maximum oxygen.

    So, for me this is my takeaway from this life lesson on Louren’s post.
    Live & breath success, the rest will follow…

  • Tom

    No doubt about it, that is what it takes. There is no gain without the pain. Anything that is truly worthwhile is never easy.

  • Reg Loughlan

    Shame that we need real and extended pain (when enough is enough) to motivate us to strike out.
    Then we need to go through the temporary roadblock pain barriers to really break through and achieve.
    This takes “internal motivation and fortitude” along with the external motivation provided in this great video.
    Do we have what it takes?

  • Jabril Kendrick

    Wow he is a truly inspirational speaker, coach and mentor…All that he said is whet we needed to hear….Thank you

  • Henrik Holmqvist

    What a video!!!

    I´m going to watch this video every morning.

    Thanks Lourens

  • Andre Muckelvene

    Thanks Lourens! I watch these videos every morning before I start my day they always set my frame of thought for the day! Amazing!

  • Wayne Harrold

    Thanks Lourens.. This is so right on… Most want to give up right before there break through.. Most will not endure the pain to success..

  • Niña Angeli

    Very inspiring…and very humbling…

  • Gerald Allen

    Lourens this was amazing….Truly inspiring. This is what it’s about. Most people quit right at the finish line because they are tired or don’t want to keep going. Success is in our reach…We must fight for it and work for it no matter what…WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS LOURENS. Thank you for sharing

  • Steyn T. Müller

    Lucky for me I don’t watch a lot of TV……… But guess should put down my guitar for a while… Once success comes I’ll have even more time for that……and that’s a huge motivator… Having more time to do the things you love…

    • digitmediax

      lol.. yeah my friend… everyone pay’s a price for success… everyone’s price is different 😉

  • Godsave Tichadini

    Awesome stuff Lourens..thanks for sharing!

  • frances woodley

    I am going to watch this often; it’s a very moving message and true for everyone.

    • digitmediax

      Hey Frances… good.. it will do you wonders to if you do that consistently. We all need to focus on “putting much more positive stuff INTO OUR HEADS… stuff that actually is good advice like this” 🙂

  • digitmediax

    pleasure Frederik…

  • One of my favorite videos!! We need to add the ingredients of discipline and sacrifice to the soup of success.! NIKE said it best: “Just Do It”

  • Douglas Lambert

    This one is worthwhile watching repeatedly until success has become a habit!

  • Milton Palacio

    That is how I feel right now. All I think about is developing the right mindset. I read in a book titled *An Enemy Called Average* that “Average is being the best of the worst and the worst of the best” Well, only the right mindset can elevate us to an above average status and mediocrity hurts… Thanks for sharing Lourens!

  • Hi Lourens Thanks I cant agree more, So many people want the short cut to success but there is no short cut, it is “Give up to go up” and that is what I am doing right now …