What YOU Have In Common With Movie Stars – Ponder This!

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What YOU Have In Common With Movie Stars like
Sandra Bullock, Marlon Brando, Michael Dell,
Alec Baldwin, Bill Cosby, And Tom Hanks...

Here is a very important lesson that I want to share with you, which is that...

Everyone's story has a beginning...

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Sandra Bullock above, worked as a bartender.

Jennifer Aniston was both a telemarketer and waitress before hitting it big.

Alec Baldwin was once a bouncer.

Lucille Ball was reportedly fired from an ice cream shop for not remembering to add bananas to banana splits.

Warren Beatty reportedly worked as a rat catcher before hitting it big.

Halle Berry worked at Higbee's Department store in the children's department.

Marlon Brando became a ditch digger after being expelled from military school.

Charles Bronson worked in a coal mine before becoming famous.

Before his big break, country singer Kenny Chesney worked as a valet attendant, telemarketer and mail sorter.

Chubby Checker plucked chickens at a poultry market named Henry Colt's.

Before Nirvana, the late Kurt Cobain worked as a janitor for Lemons Janitorial Service.

Diddy was an intern at Uptown Records where he did grunt work like washing cars & fetching coffee.

Bill Cosby shined shoes and sold produce when he was young.

Simon Cowell started out as a mail-room clerk for EMI Music Publishing where his father worked.

Michael Dell washed dishes at a Chinese restaurant for $2.30 per hour.

Before his debut role as Glen Lantz in A Nightmare On Elm Street, Johnny Depp worked as an over-the-phone pen salesman.

Danny DeVito was a formally trained hair stylist before his break on Taxi.

Michael Douglas once worked as a gas station attendant.

Tom Hanks once worked as a hotel bellman and carried bags for a number of celebs.


And me? I was sweeping floors in factory...!


Where you are TODAY... Whether you're young or old, rich or poor... Is IRRELEVANT!

Who you want to become is all that matters, and today is the opportunity to write the first page of your story.

Everyone starts at the beginning, and today can go down in your life's story as the day you decided to invest in yourself.

But it is time to make that decision, because...


TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN (or woman)...


Today is your opportunity to take action.

The only requirement, is that you must set aside your last excuse and BEGIN!

I have done EVERYTHING I can to help you conquer that tiny little voice in your head that wants to
keep you where you are. In fact, working with me and being part of my team has meant life changing stuff
for those that have decided to:

#1 be a success (yes it's a decision first)

...and #2 that are serious about committing to their own future online!







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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Great article, Lourens. Thanks so much for this.

    I would only add this – the article occasionally refers to people “getting” their big break – that seems to imply some element of luck. I firmly believe that we get our big breaks only by working hard and NEVER giving up! As Gary Player said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

    Hard work and an attitude of “everything positive I do in pursuit of my dream takes me one step closer to my goal” opens up the opportunities that lead to the big break.

    • digitmediax

      Hey Fernando…. sure is “key” what you just mentioned 🙂 THANKS!