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Let's Have Some Fun... Participate And Stand a Chance to Win!

It's worth the effort...

Watch this video!

Guess Where This is At And Win...































As you can see above in order are the prize winners of this competition.

Exciting stuff...  and congratulations to you all as you deserved it!

It pay's to PAY ATTENTION 😉

The location was the 4 lodges in Sabi-Sabi Game Reserve. We had plenty of people who got this right and whom also completed

all tasks requested in the video above...  the one's who won could then only be decided by the ones who completed it all first.

So these members above contacted me first.


PS. More exciting stuff coming... 
  • manual capture page creation training (if you did not get this tool already)
  • traffic training resources & providers (some very cool stuff I'll share)
  • the ULTIMATE Business and it's 12 week strategy...
And where & why MY FOCUS as Multiple Six Figure earner is shifting 1000% ...!
PPS. So be sure to get on my list here!  _________________________________________________________________________________



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  • faruk

    Kruger Park

  • Ed LaRosa

    nice pictures of resort… exciting contest.

  • Rutherford

    Hi Lourens, I’ve sent you a message on Skype. I have the answer to where this place is!!! I’m so excited now I hope I’m correct…

  • Gina Hall

    Hi Lourens. It is Lapalala Game Lodge!

  • George Martin

    Alby, glad to see you’re alright. You are absolutely correct in the fact that tomorrow is not promised to none of use. I love your lessons and hope you continue with the help……Take care and God Bless!!!!

  • Jp

    The training so far are good and helpful, who will win the prize money.

  • Tim Lunn

    Hey Lourens,

    Very sorry to hear about your friend. Actually my brother passed away very recently and I’m missing him a lot. I do still very much feel the connection though and like to think he’s helping me from the other side!

    I’m really enjoying the first opportunity and working hard to make a success of it! Can’t wait to get to the next step in your program! My team is small but growing and full of enthusiastic people with excited anticipation for the future as I do! I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to yourself Helia and your working partners Scott and Alby for creating this superb system. I recognise you guys benefit and that is how it should be. The difference in your team is that everybody else benefits too. That is uncommon on the internet! I’ll get back to you on the competition! But have an awesome break 🙂


    Tim Lunn

  • Tanja Foy

    Hi Lourens – love the pictures 🙁 i’m skoon homesick now! great opportunity! thanks for giving us all the opportunity!

  • Thanks Lourens for launching this competition. My wife also bought those same Salami Bites and I was the one who had to gobble it down as nobody else wanted to eat it. lol. I’ll pave the way for others by giving a little more info regarding the “place” where you are going on holiday. (Voted #1 Top African Safari Camp) enough said.

  • Tom

    Lourens, glad to know you are still with us. I am obviously on your blog. I will be signing up for program #1, but I must say finding the identity of where you are going has been challenging. I will find it.

    • Rutherford

      Hey Tom, I know finding the identity of where you’re going is challenging, and I’ve been there myself. If you stick with the team you just need to follow the team plan… For instance, introduce your own team to step 1 and from there guide them to learn how to market, that is, going to step 2. At the end of the day, we also want them to be successful and be able to learn how to market too. That’s how the team grows. From there on they can grow more and eventually go on to other business and eventually to long term investments. I hope you’ll find your own identity soon…

  • Ryan Gibbs

    Hi lourens great blog. what stuck out in your training is the focus part of it. I need to be more focus but I am getting there. now it’s time to guess where you are going:)

  • George Martin

    Lourens, you are an inspiration to us all. As you say, things can happen at anytime in this life even if you do try to take care of your health and body.You take care and keep those valuable lessons coming……God Bless!!

  • Karien Bosma

    Hi Lourens,
    What a fun game, and what a wonderful accommodation. I’ve already signed up on your blog and learn a lot. Thank you for teaching. I think you’re going to the Kruger National Park. That is far away from the Netherlands, but who knows if I earn enough … Anyway looks great and happy holidays

  • Jabril Kendrick

    OMG my Friend sorry to hear you almost drowned. Maybe a lite life jacket would help. Not a surfer so not sure.. Your blog is amazing thank you you for all you do….

  • Sophy Try

    Thanks Lourens, Up to now I have learned from you many things both the best program and great tools for internet marketers. I commit to this journey with team.

    Warm Regards


  • Gerald Allen

    Lourens that looks to be a very beautiful place….I do want to say again that I’ve never had a leader like you. You are awesomeness brother. Big things are coming and together WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS…this team. Thanks and Good luck everyone in the competition…Let’s Go

  • Karin Becker

    I admire what you have accomplished … and I honor where you are going … I’m right behind you … thank you for always keeping your eye on the prize … and leading thru example … showing us that we can also be that!

  • Rick Young

    Hey Lourens…. your great leadership shows once again… Thank you for offering this opportunity to all of us on your team. Anxiously awaiting more training on Aweber….

  • Bruno Casillas

    Lourens Man I could sure use that first prize, any body could for that matter, actually the prizes are worth more because they are going to grow with time. Fight On.

  • Mattias Uppman

    Hey Lourens,
    I really like the way you encourage us to take action and really focus on 1 goal at a time.
    I think you and your family are going to to stay at some of the Private Game Reserves near Kruger Park!?

    Looking forward to work with you and i now that i will learn alot of stuff from you! 🙂



  • Francois Viljoen

    Hi Lourens, Good going, mate, keep it up and pleeeaaze be careful out there on your surfboard . Now that I have found somebody really trustworthy and worth following after my share of internet “surfing” around in circles in search of the end of the rainbow (pot of gold) ,only to find myself taking part in a wild goose chase, I don’t want to start all over again!
    By the way, if you were suppose to be in the sea you would have been born with scales on your skin, a fin on your back and webs between your toes…

  • Francois Viljoen

    Oh yes, the competition…..well, we’l see about that !

  • C Taylor

    Hi there Lourens, forever grateful for your guidance and the opportunities you bring, hope you have a fantastic time away. From Chy

  • Milton

    Lourens, beautiful sights up above. What a nice and peaceful retreat. Enjoy your time over there. It is nice to be able to get away to just relax and knowing that all the cares of the world rest on Him. I hope you have an opportunity to connect with God and Heila while on your vacation. Be Blessed! Milton <

  • Peter Cuijpers

    Hi lourens.

    Sorry to hear about our teammember. God bless him.

    Thanx for the great opportunity for all of us to get some free cashflow leverage and mind update speaking to you. Game on then. 😉


  • Johann Pieterse

    Hi Lourens…Since I have been involved with you ( About 9 Months ) I have learned more than I have learned in 5 years. Please keep it up.

  • Muhammad Osama Sheikh

    Oh very sad to hear about the team member……and I am actually HAPPY for this promotion
    Warmly~Muhammad Osama Sheikh

  • Maulik

    Really true Jason, the 30 mins. one on one that Lourens is offering is worth more than that, as the mindset and focus is the main important thing in any business.

  • Tara Segelken

    Step 1, done. Step 2, done. I look forward to each any every one of your “lessons”. I have been diligent in watching them (many times) and taking pages of notes. Your wisdom and teachings are much appreciated. I’ve sent my answer to where you and your family are going via skype. Thanks for all you do!

  • Thanks for doing the competition Lourens. The pictures of where you are going look amazing. It kicks London zoo well and truly to the curb!!

  • Gereshan Govender

    Simply fantastic! Thank you for running this competition. It would really be life changing for many people! Good luck everyone! And Lourens, hope you and the family an amazing break at this beautiful lodge!

  • Maulik

    Absolutely 🙂

  • Fernando Bonegio

    Hi Lourens – thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. Unusually, words are failing me at this moment! This means so much to Shirren and I.

    • digitmediax

      you did what was requested Fernando and you did it the fastest… 😉 Congrats!

  • Tanja Foy

    YIPEEEEEE!!! I’ve never won any prize before!!!! 🙂 i’m so happy!!!! 🙂 THANK YOU LOURENS!

    • digitmediax

      Well done Tanja…! see… when you take action things start to happen… EXCITING times ahead for those that pay attention…!

  • Rene Klaassens

    Congratulations to the winners!!! Enjoy your prices!!!

  • Hi Lourens,

    Nice to see you and your family back.

    I am bit disappointed for not seeing me as winner, BUT I am excited for the upcoming stuff you are going to present.

    The above pic of you and your wife, with rainbow is very nice. 🙂

  • The POT OF GOLD is waiting at the end of the rainbow….

  • Ed LaRosa

    Very nice. Thank you so much! Everyone here in this forum is a BIG winner…. because we are all learning so much and on our way to earning very good income…. thanks to Louren’s coaching.

  • Marco & Danbi

    Wow That’s Awesome! Congratulations to the winners!
    I love how all the winners are from different parts of the world..
    soo coool…

  • Karien Bosma

    Congratulations to the winners!

  • Rutherford

    Hi Lourens, thank you for this, it means a lot for the growth of my step 1 business.. And to be able to hop on the call with you is priceless. Thanks again!

  • Marilee Kennedy

    Congrats to all the winners!
    Lourens, beautiful pic above of you and Heila!

  • digitmediax

    lol.. was great and it’s a great place to go… so do take your boys when they are older…
    and yes the tool if great isn’t it 🙂