You Control Money… Or It Controls You!

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The Thought of You Controlling Money is Scary to Some People...

Just Like Driving a Ferrari at high speed...

To others who have already achieved levels of success that is higher than the norm it's not something "weird" at all.
In this video I have for you today you will learn exactly what your views on money SHOULD be.

I had to change my views on money years ago and it has been one of the BEST THINGS I have ever done.

My beliefs about money and my "habits" in it's use is similar to what you'll discover in this great video from
one of my mentors Mike Dillard.


Now that is one POWERFUL VIDEO!

I hope you watch that 100 times...ย ย  it will change you for the BETTER and your bank account will love you for itย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

SHARE IT WITH OTHERS and they'll thank you BIG time for this helpful content.


"Give and you shall receive!"






This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    Another great video from Mike Dillard.

    Thank goodness Mike pointed out that changing the way you think about money is a process – it does not (usually) happen overnight. Unfortunately some of us (the Baby Boomers especially) grew up with a certain attitude towards money and even financial security that was drummed into us from a very early age. It is hard to have the “right” mindset towards money when you have some 20 years (or more) of a “wrong” mindset drummed into your brain.

    I guess the first step is that you must “want” to change how you think about money and this may be quite difficult (but not impossible) for those who live in poverty or those who have to rely on others (for whatever reason).

    In the words of the late, great Jim Dornan, “It’s not the money, it’s what you do with it” and that is a lesson we have to teach ourselves.

    • digitmediax

      thanks Fernando… it sure is as you say… for some it’s faster and for others it never happens… BOTH are in the end merely a decision ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Awesome post louren’s its a great mind shift to have and I am learning every day. I am so glad I have found you and Alby when I did as my mind set was not on the right path but now that has all cahnged thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚

        You guys are awesome,



    • Sanna Hellstrรถm

      Agree on that Fernando. The babyboomers were raised by a generation that lived through two wars and you learn to save, not take any risks and never throw anything away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • James

    Thanks Lourens for sharing that refresher with Mike on the mindset and doing your best and having the best, gets your mind on high which becomes a habit…

    • digitmediax

      Hi James… sure is a lot to pay attention to in that video… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • frances woodley

    Wow, I have some mindset changes to make! That short video rang a lot of warning bells in me about how I think about prosperity. I need to do some daily reminders ..

    • digitmediax

      well that is just what you needed then Frances.. WELL DONE for admitting that you need some real introspection… THAT is they “key” to your success… those that do not want to do that never break free… Well done again!

  • Hahaha I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ “So this is my gigant middlefinger to the poormentality”. This will probably upset alot of people, but Mike backs it up to a 100%. He’s right!

    I also appreciate his honesty and foul language. It really shows he’s serious about his message.

    Thx for sharing Lourens.
    Loved it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • malcolmwot

    Don’t take change! Love it. I’ve listened to Mike a lot and he walks the talk.

  • Mike always has strong mental attitudes that elevate one’s spirit!

  • Peter

    As they said before : ยดยด You can or You can’t you are always right…

  • Tertius Bester

    In less than a week since I first watched this video, I realise how powerful seemingly small and insignificant actions can be.
    I decided that I would no longer count the change I receive back. Long ago, I had a habit of emptying the change out of my wallet into a glass bottle at the end of every day. Every month or so we would take it to the bank and deposit it against our Home Loan. That was when home loans were at 18%, and in the next few years climbed to 25%! Believe it or not, it started making a difference, which compounded when interest rates lowered, but we kept our repayment where it was.
    I have started that habit again… I no longer count change – I just empty it out into the bottle again. It has already started changing the way I attach value to currency.

  • WOW! Like a bullet beaten the eyes!! Thanks for sharing this video. It was very motivating! I sent it to my boys of 21 and 19 years old trusting that they will learn from it to provide the right “push” in their lives, not to mention the kick up the derrier it gave me… Off to work on my business!

  • Just to connect to Peter’s saying: Henry Ford said: “Whether you think YOU CAN, or YOU CANNOT – you are right.”