You Should be ASHAMED!

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Honestly, We Are Having a WHOLE LOT of People on This Planet
Making WAY to Many "Excuses"

Watch This Video And You'll See...



What's your thoughts on that...?

I still come up with plenty of reasons for not doing things in life and business.
Then I watch something like this video and it "kick's my butt" into shape...

Such a shame that we are ALL doing this...

If you believe that "YOU" are not the same then you are DELUDED...

...but I'm almost certain that you are not 😉


Me And My Wife At a Wedding
PS. Let me have your thoughts on this video above...   kinda cool seeing peoples views...
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This article was written by Lourens Haasbroek

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  • Fernando Bonegio

    This video just has so many lessons in it.

    Richie is an amazing man who has not let anything stand in the way just because he is “different”.

    He is indeed amazing and such a fine example for those of us who feel we just “don’t have what it takes”. As you say, Lourens, watching this video just “kicks your butt into shape”. Watching this, I just feel ashamed when I listen to my “little voice” excuses.

    Another great lesson from the video is to see how Ritchie’s parents handled it when he was born. They didn’t give up or lose themselves in sorrow, but just said “we will make it work” – and they certainly did.

    We are blessed to have such wonderful people share our planet with us. They are fine examples to us all.

    “Kites rise against, not with the wind” – John Neal.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • digitmediax

      pleasure Fernando… thanks for your comment… there sure are many things to learn from this video and scenario 😉

  • Gerald Allen

    There is nothing left to say…..I’m speechless. It’s amazing how our excuses and problems are all a part of our mindset. This young man has done what others told him couldn’t be done. If we look at our selves we will find that our excuses make us different. He is a champion and no one can tell him different. He’s focused, determined, hardworking, and has no limits. He knows who he is….Son of the Most High God. He has awakened my spirit from a long slumber. We need not have any excuses. We can’t give up. Just for Richie we have to keep going and prevail. He is an amazing man. There are NO excuses for lack of focus, drive, patience, inspiration, work ethic, or belief. You can do it. WE CAN DO IT. Let’s use Richie’s amazing story as INSPIRATION. Thank you Lourens for sharing my friend. This truly put life in a whole new perspective. NOW LET’S MOVE MOUNTAINS TOGETHER

    • digitmediax

      thanks Gerald…. you said it all.. nothing more to say 🙂

  • Brian Sobers

    WOW !! that is all i can say ,that is just awesome

  • Teina Nanai

    He has the most reason to come up with EXCUSES, but he doesn’t. An inspirational, young man!

  • Raza Begg


  • Francois Kok

    This is one of the best inspirational
    video’s i have seen in a long time…thanks for sharing

  • Gina Hall

    I am totally awestruck by that young fellow’s simple outlook… there is nothing he cannot do, only things he has not done… YET ! What a fantastic philosophy!

  • Andries Roux


  • Tulio

    Fantastic! We are all capable of so much more than we think!

  • Niña Angeli

    Yes, it’s absolutely amazing the challenges that some people overcome…and then go on to surpass most of the rest of us! Feels pretty ridiculous to sit around and whine about your situation when you see stories like that.

  • Gail

    It makes me ashamed when I think of the trivial excuses I come up with. This has been so inspiring, thank you for posting it. NOW thats what you call MINDSET!! Truly amazing.

    • digitmediax

      yes it is as you say Gail… most people would even go about watching this video and then by next week are “back to their own-selves”… sad that we are like that… Anyway, glad you found value in that 🙂

  • frances woodley

    The look in the man’s eyes is truly inspirational; he comes out from what he knows within. Everything else is an excuse!

  • What can I say? Hats off for this young gentleman. Whenever I see something like this, I try to imagine how I would react and do stuff if it happend to me. And only by doing so, I feel so much respect for people living their life to the fullest, even though they have the handicap.

    I love what he said, “I do things everybody else does, just a little differently”. It shows that there is more than just One way to do stuff and that we shouldn’t give up so easily. And most of all, remember to be greatful for what we DO have.

    Thank you Lourens for sharing.
    I enjoyed watching it and the feeling it gave me. 🙂

  • Iv’e seen this video awhile back. It’s message has stayed with me since. We are all where we want to be, not necessarily where we should be!!

  • Peter

    Wow…I have similar case…I am ultra runner 50 and 100 miles races.My ultimate goal is Badwater 135 miles in CA…Last 5 season was a finisher from GB Mr. Chris Moon.This guy has no arm and leg below the knee.For this race you have to qualified and only around 100 people a year are allowed to run this event…This gentlemen qualified and finished even with this type of handicap…!!

  • Fabian

    Lourens I really have to agree with you on this post, we often find so many excuses why we cant do something when there is someone who has less and finding a way to make do or get through…. We really have to take a look internally and dig deep and make the changes necessary move forward.. We have so much to be thankful for, lets not make excuse when we truly have the ability…!!!!

  • Oh my, doesn’t this make some of my own challenges seem insignificant! I just have no real excuse for not succeeding. I see total focus, total persistence and a never quit attitude that we all can take to heart. If he can do it and succeed with all his challenges then so can I!!!

  • Hi Lourens WOW I did not know about this guy, I know about Nick that do not have arms or legs ,but Yes this make you think big time Why do we that have every thing always make Excuses for not accomplish stuff that could make as the Success that we always looking for. This give every one something to think about.. THX

  • Suzanne Carvell

    Have seen this before and agree with what you have said. It is true we all look for excuses to get out of doing one thing or another. I guess the real reason for the excuse needs to be examined then maybe we will think before we make them.